13 March 2020


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 13 March 2020

The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together. Alvin Toffler


The word used by a major "news" outlet reporter yesterday to describe 360 new cases of Coronavirus in New York City. 

Not deaths. Cases of infection. Remember, most of the infected recover. 

With a population of 8.5 million, the math: .00004235.

Not only not statistically significant not significant. 

So the word "explosion" is inflammatory. Meant to shock. Meant to scare. Meant to stoke the panicky into panic. Meant to sell. Meant to entertain. And that's just one word. The language has been ridiculous. 

And never mind the gloom and doom forecasters. 

Public disservice. 

It's crap.

Speaking of which, by coincidence we happened into our local Target yesterday afternoon to pick up a few grocery items. 

There was abundant produce, baked and deli goodies, dairy, and dry goods. In fact, shelves well-stocked throughout the store. 

Out of curiosity, not need, we checked another section of the store for paper products. Not a single package of bathroom tissue. Not one. 

There's a disconnect in human logic. 

Do people not understand to tend to output there's first requirement for input?

Why not bare grocery shelves?

We drove home laughing, shaking our heads.  

Speaking of explosions ...

There was one in Iraq a few days ago. A coalition base was hit by some 30 rockets. Two Americans (Soldier and Airman) and a Brit (medic) killed (Note: And a couple of U. S. Marine advisors were killed in combat a day or so earlier in Afghanistan.).

Last night our Defense Department released a statement that we launched defensive precision strikes, proportional, against five enemy targets (weapons storage facilities) to significantly degrade the enemy's future offensive capabilities against coalition forces. 


What is a defensive strike?


Why precision?

Why not exponential?

Why not completely eliminate the enemy's offensive capabilities?

Why not send clear message to that enemy and all enemies?

And there's plenty more why questions.

But that statement helps explain why the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have lingered for 18 years. 

Why leadership?

Why the lack of courage to destroy enemies?

President Trump, Sir, why?

And why is there not public outrage?


Here's an explosive thought ...

What if China launched Coronavirus as retaliatory attack against the United States (world be damned)?

For all intents and purposes, the virus is proving, in fact, to be a weapon of mass destruction. 

Though life (on earth) carries on "intelligent" life does not; not in the United States not anywhere. 

"Intelligent" life is at operational pause, at panic. 

And no aspect surrounding "intelligent" life is immune to political and media stoked fear.

Stupid people. Stupid. 

If proved China took the offense, will America retaliate with a proportional defensive precision strike?

Why not exponential?


Leadership in Oregon and Washington ordered no public gatherings of 250 or more, for fear of Coronavirus cases exploding. 

So, is the public safe, immune even, in gatherings of 249 or less?

Sporting events and concerts and vacations and graduations, to cite only some ways of American life, are being postponed and cancelled. 

With "Social distancing" the new behavior being pushed while in public.

Social distancing. 

Consider how the want of abortion could be preempted by Planned Parenthood pushing "social distancing."

I spent more than a few hours in a huge hospital yesterday. Walking the halls in a couple buildings, eating in a cafeteria, and anchoring seats in waiting rooms, there were nary a sign - literally nor of human behavior (staff, patients, visitors, vendors) - ringing the alarm of Coronavirus. Nor was I especially conscious of what I touched. 

There was no panic. No explosions. Actually, a microcosm of defiant intelligent life. Refreshing.

In other news, the past few weeks there's been published several articles the commandant of the Marine Corps is driving towards a smaller force, pushing for more women in ground combat arms, and increased lethality. 

At that confounding objective, to explode or laugh? 

Explosive aloud laughter.

In closing ...

Think. Be intelligent. If you will, watch your social distance. How much distance? In formation Marines align at normal interval - arm's length. It's a good starting point. But remember, in a fight, of any sort, distance is ultimately your friend. 

Drink water. Wash your hands. Live your life. 

Have a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

Thank you sir; on target. Civil, Truthful, Straight Talk. Vintage " A colonel of Truth."