16 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I praise loudly. I blame softly. Catherine the Great

A week ago came President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Against all odds, he won. 

In short, Mr. Trump demolished the model for how to run a successful presidential campaign. 

Mr. Trump, now a politician, too, is the Billy Bean of Moneyball. 

Simple as that. 

Mr. Trump spent less money; had half the "ground game;" listened to "unconventional advisers;" exploited social media; played by his own rules influenced by instinct; etc., and he won - something bigger than Game 7 in the World Series. 

Any candidate running for public office not picking up on and implementing the lessons Mr. Trump offered is an idiot. 

Some folks are saying Mr. Trump happened along at the right time and fell in on a movement. 


Mr. Trump, sick and tired of the same thing(s) tens of millions of "deplorables" were, too, sick and tired of, spoke with blunt assessment of the problems and proposed direct, commonsense solutions. 

The movement listened and followed. And grew. And grew. And grew.

As the (false) polls tightened, Mrs. Clinton blamed the "basket of deplorables." 

That is, she pulled a play from President Obama's book - referring to Americans who disagree (with him and her) as the enemy. 

Post-election, Mrs. Clinton blamed Mr. James Comey (Director, FBI).

Today the Electoral College is being blamed because Mrs. Clinton, as reported, had more popular votes. 

So Senator Barbara Boxer (D, CA), a nut among fruits and nuts, is leading an effort to abolish it. Good luck with that - a crybaby's response to losing. Is it any wonder the snowflakes, cupcakes, and half bakes adore her? 

To the Electoral College there's but one comment. Look at the United States map, county by county, election results. It represents, truly, the people. 

Were the map a crime scene there's but one conclusion - the victim bled out. And it was a massacre.

The deplorables, through due process, had their say. With foot stomp!

The losers, the "detestables," contemptuous of due process, with nothing intelligent to say resorted to vile and violence. 

Admittedly, the election (and reelection) of Barack Obama was disappointing (to me and a Hillary Clinton presidency not only absurd but a disaster for America).

But my initial response was to support him. That ended when he referred to Americans who simply did not agree with him and his politics as the enemy. Done. And game on. 

Thus, launched this forum to report. And change things - through the power of words.

Did my eight year effort help? Change (any) minds? Matter?

Well, arguably, more so than had I not engaged and been a complaining spectator. 

No more can be claimed. 

Today's reality ... 

President-elect Trump will take the Oath of Office of the President of the United States of American in 64 days and a wake up. 

In Marine speak we, as a nation, are double-digit midgets - to a significant turnabout in America. 

The good thing about President Trump's first day on the job is he need not look hard nor far for something that needs to be fixed - there's eight years worth of "shovel-ready" projects to address. 

And it's a damn good thing Mr. Trump comes from the construction business - he knows about breaking ground with a spade, building things, and supervising work to standards of excellence. 

Give the man a chance! 

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Tom Hickinbotham said...

"Spot on," Andy. Notwithstanding your insightful commentary, I remain stunned that more people voted for her than President-elect Trump. Values and character apparently are not viewed as relevant, much less critical, for those entrusted with positions of power and leadership. Not surprising, she blames the FBI Director for her loss, which is yet another indicator of her flawed character.