15 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Why can't I just eat my waffle? Barack Obama

President Obama held a press conference yesterday afternoon.

What he said validates, yet again, he just does not truly understand America and Americans. 

He mangled why Hillary Clinton lost - by explaining how he twice won. 

What he did not say was the truth. And that truth is Hillary Clinton was not black enough, woman enough, nor American enough to win.

And then President Obama spoke to how he's handing over a strong country and what a great job he and his administration have done.

To that he answered questions. Rather, he pontificated - senselessly.

Too, he answered, with the tact merited, questions about President-elect Trump; despite still sniveling reporters wanting derogatory words. 

President Obama was windy. That's the way it goes when there's nothing to say. Nor defend.

The analysis of President Obama's press conference and tenure does not require much - thought nor words.

The American people disagreed. 

Electing Mr. Trump, the America people informed President Obama he failed. And his administration failed. 

By handing the House and Senate (and more governorships) to President-elect Trump, the American people added a foot stomp to their decision. Message: Fix this damn mess! 

President Obama's legacy?

He alone made it. 

Historians will write it. 

Some the truth.

It is not President Trump's duty nor obligation to salvage nor preserve. 

President-elect Trump's legacy?

Hired for his anti-Obama positions, provided he sees them (solidly American) through and as forecast last week in commentary, monumental.

In closing ... 

President Trump's first press conference is sure to be interesting. To open and though his mess inherited, unlikely he'll blame Obama. And certainly not Bush. For trying to get America back on her feet, that would be a foot fault. And not presidential. 

Now, President Obama, you can eat your waffle. 

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