14 November 2016


Andy Weddington
Monday, 14 November 2016

The one thing that I know is that you win with good people. Don Shula 

Good people - an expression used, sometimes in the singular, to say exactly what it means. 

Good people are grounded - in morals, principles, ethics, and integrity. 

Good people obey the law. 

Good people do the right things for the right reasons; even when others are not observing nor inspecting. 

Good people set an example for others to follow.

Good people are honest and trustworthy. 

Good people are not self-serving.

Good people help others.   

Good people abound. 

For good people, society works; not perfectly but works. 

Last evening CBS 60 Minutes aired an hour-long interview with President-elect Donald Trump.

His family joined him towards the end of the interview. 

They seemed good people. 

Lesley Stahl asked Mr. Trump, before family joined, about the legal matters surrounding Hillary Clinton and what he intended to do.  

Mr. Trump tip-toed. 

And he said something peculiar. 

He said the Clintons are "good people." And that he didn't want to hurt them. 

Pardon me?

Ah, no, Mr. Trump, the Clintons are not good people. And any "hurt" that comes their way is self-inflicted. 

Not a descriptor above, as to good people, comes to mind. 

The Clintons are about the Clintons. 

The Clintons help themselves. 

There's no cause to detail here why the Clintons are not good people. 

In short, an FBI investigation substantiated Hillary Clinton committed crimes against our country. And more. The Clintons remain under FBI investigation. 

As a rule, good people are not under investigation by the FBI for serious crimes that include against country.  

So, Mr. Trump ... 

For good people, tens of millions of them, you won. 

In good faith they voted for you - trusting you'll do as promised. That includes, provided inheriting a hand in adjudication, seeing through on law and order as to Mrs. Clinton. And any others. 

Yes, more important business - the wall; jobs; trade; national security; etc., - is at hand. But, it's not "either or" Mrs. Clinton. It's "and" Mrs. Clinton. Forgiveness without penalty and punishment does not facilitate healing nor discourage other not good people. Retain Mrs. Clinton on the tasks list.  

A lot of not good people are watching. 

But more importantly so are the good people who hired you watching. 

They will decide if you are good people.

Losing a lot of good people is not a good way to start off with a new employer; accepting salary or not. 

That is, in essence, you'd be jumping into the swamp you vowed to drain. 

You won but can't win without the (same) good people.  

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