01 December 2011


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 02 December 2011

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln

What in the world is wrong with Americans? Tens even hundreds of millions of them?

According to one particular gent, the last few decades, especially the last few years, mark the worst American public in our land's short history. Approaching 237 years--infancy when compared to some countries--and the American people have, practically overnight, gone from being fierce fighters for independence and freedom lovers, protectors of the vulnerable, innovative problem solvers, and amongst the most creative, prosperous, and generous people the world has ever known to bums.

The decline, were one to believe it, impossible to comprehend much less understand.

Our melting pot is soft, lazy, whiny, and by no means exceptional. That the observations and voiced opinions of that particular gent--an American president, Mr. Obama--who's also referred to fellow Americans as the enemy. Unbelievable? Not really. Not when considering.

Never mind smoke and mirrors and teleprompters; idiotic policies and accompanying exhorbitant spending; and a disengaged chief executive (all points made by friend and foe); according to Mr. Obama, it's the American people's fault our economy is struggling. It's the American people's fault our national cohesion and psyche is fracturing. It's the American people's fault his presidency has been a miserable failure--to the point of laughable. And it's the American people's fault he'll not enjoy a second term. Mean ol' America--that country the gent's Mrs. knows all too well.

How long before a desperate president, self-proclaimed uniter and promiser of all things wonderful, tags America as dumb, stupid, unimaginative, intellectually inferior (at least to him), and downright sorry?  Anyone doubt the thoughts?

Mr. Obama, void of critical red, white, and blue imprinting in his youth, will never understand America nor America's majority. It's not a matter of will not. He simply cannot. Though he does relate famously with a minority freeloading faction that expects something, anything, and everything for nothing. So supporting the Occupiers, a mere subset, a natural. And long ago he figured out how to bamboozle many yet not all. Ergo a gifted first term; a lottery win. A second go at it, in his words 'I'm going to need another term to finish the job,' (Huh? Train wrecks can be finished?) not merited as credible polls, for what they're worth, indicate base support (i.e. blacks, hispanics, women, and even illegals) slipping markedly. And the key cohort (white) that swept him into office is lost. So, as they say in the hood, the gig soon up. What a shame not stepping aside in the name of humility will make for one long, ugly year ahead.

So to whom does soft, lazy, and whiney refer? Tens even hundreds of millions? Not hardly.

The reasonable American, the average American, well knows the mess made economically and emotionally--at home and abroad--cannot be repaired overnight. Yet they've faith, and resolve, it can be repaired.

America, despite what the president and his hangerson claim, is not in decline. She's merely stumbling for want of leadership. And waiting. How long will it take for America to reclaim stature as the stand alone strong, exceptional, feared, and respected country--a giant, across the board, on the world stage? The world's leader?

Not long, provided she seats leaders.

The term "president" implies "leader" but any assumption the words are synonymous is false--they're, in reality, mutually exclusive. For empirical example, look no further than the contrast between Mr. Obama's exhausting apologetic pessimism and blaming persona and Mr. Lincoln's strong hand during dire times and, more recently, the determined and perpetual optimism President Ronald Reagan saw in America. Startling.

"Sorry Americans." Is the unthinkable insult, verbatim or in so many words, coming? Don't bet against it. Proven dismissive of self-reflection especially as to shortcomings and failures, ever looking for a scapegoat, and liable to say anything when under pressure off teleprompter, it's probable. Some argue it's already been said, in so many words.

The  'American' brandname "sorry"? Uh, no. But sad fact is America has indulged, humored, and suffered more than one sorry president; always to recover.

Can you imagine Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Reagan ever ridiculing America, on foreign soil, as arrogant, which Mr. Obama did, or saying, much less thinking, "Sorry Americans"? Good grief.

Sympathetic biographers will ink Mr. Obama's tenure like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale--with any resemblance to reality being purely accidental. But serious historians will chronicle the disaster by sticking to grim facts and telling the true tale; fairly. Pretty it will not be, and the outcome may be sorry.

Leadership. It's damn lonely at the top. Mr. Reagan knew it. So did Mr. Lincoln.

America now has less than a year to find another special someone. Someone with character. Someone competent and comfortable amid loneliness. Ah yes, granted, a tall order. Perhaps impossible. And hardly a breath-holding expectation. But you never know.

Election, judgement, Day is nearing.

Americans love the feel of gun metal, but what about the taste?

What will it be--a move for self-preservation or continue towards self-destruction?

Post Script

"The hardest secret for any man to keep is his opinion of himself." Author Unknown 

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Ken said...

Funny, this same column could have been written 30 years ago when another weak and ineffectual Democrat occupied the White House. Must each generation learn the lessons of the liberal siren?