31 August 2017


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 31 August 2017

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe

Leaders show up.

Leaders "walk point" (sometimes literally). 

And that is what our President and First Lady did this week in Texas - to survey the incomprehensible destruction courtesy of hurricane Harvey and encourage those devastated along with those helping the devastated. 

Leadership - from the front - walking point. 

Because walking the ground is not watching the ground on a screen halfway across the country (also known as "'leadership' from behind"). 

The Trumps walked the flooded grounds of Texas.

But a focus of the story, as reported by (disturbed, fake) media, was not the walking - presence and leadership. Rather, our First Lady's choice of footwear. 

Analysis (without opinion) ...

Catty women noticed Melania's stilettos.

Gay men noticed Melania's stilettos.  

Gender-confused noticed Melania's stilettos.

Men (Marines, for certain) noticed appropriate for the occasion, form-fitting slacks. And assumed a pair of feet - probably in boots.

Leaders noticed our country's leaders out front and could give a damn what was on their feet. That's the (walking) point.

Marilyn Monroe would not have objected to Melania's stilettos. 

You're a lucky man, President Trump.

Media: Worn out heels; useless soles (and souls).


Anonymous said...

With all do respect Colonel Weddington you are wrong. Trump
did not wade deep enough or even at all into the crisis.
Even the well respected "Rajin Cajun" general Honore commented
That the back slapping and time for celebration was not upon us.

I can remember back to 9/11 when George W. Bush stood himself in plain
Clothes with a bull horn standing on the rubble of the World Trade Center
And telling the world, ".....soon they will hear us".

Where was trump? Why was he not in Beaumont, TX.

Excuses, Excuses....Gen. Honore would likely agree.

Real leaders go to the heart of the problem. They don't let
Anyone or circumstances prevent them from providing leadership.

Shame on Trump.....he probably sold a few additional hats.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Typically I do not publish comments by "Anonymous" submitters (lacking courage to stand behind their position) offering criticism without facts but since the above was not personal attacks laced with profanity I made an exception - mostly to let others see that no matter what Presidrnt Trump does he cannot satisfy some. Ridiculous criticism of our President (and his spouse). They showed up. The President gets things done. He did before the storm and will after. He donates his salary back to our country. He donated (publicly announced) a million dollars (his money) to the Houston recovery. And it'd not be surprising if he quietly donates more. Anonymous, get outside for some fresh air. Good grief. Better, go to Houston and help out.