28 August 2017


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 28 August 2017

A pretty good test of a man's religion is how it affects his pocketbook. Francis J. Grimke

The last time I (really) cared about any NFL game the New York Jets won the Super Bowl.

And I won 50 cents off a neighbor.

Thank you, Joe Namath. And Matt Snell. And Emerson Boozer. And Don Maynard. Et al.

A few days ago,  Jim Brown (a ball carrier of achievement rare in the NFL - for the Cleveland Browns) said a few words about players refusing to stand for our National Anthem and colors. 

He did not support them. And in a most gentlemanly but direct way he said why. 

Correct is he. 

In contrast to the disrespectful conduct of these entertainers (and let's be clear, they are but entertainers), I have seen too many Department of Defense releases about combat deaths and deaths following ship collisions and aircraft crashes. 

Handsomely compensated entertainers snub that which their fellow citizens, earning a comparative pittance, have selflessly given their lives, and home they come, with little if any fanfare, in flag-draped coffins. 

That's bothersome. 

Granted, the misbehaving cohort is small and mass discipline is rarely the right corrective course but in this case it can absolutely be effective. 

Simple it is and in the power of the public. 

Sacking the NFL ...

1. Quit attending games.
2. Quit watching games.
3. Quit purchasing team/NFL gear.
4. Quit purchasing sponsor goods and services.

Find something better to do with your time and money. 

This morning came to mind a snippet from an NFL promo some years ago. An upset head coach was giving an official what for over a call. The coach, walking the sideline and yelling, said something like, "Do you know what NFL stands for? It stands for 'Not For Long' when you make those kinds of calls." And then the clip moved on. 

No clue why that soundbite made it into long-term memory but it did. 

How many more players and how much longer will they sit, take a knee, turn their back, raise a fist, etc., during our National Anthem and before our colors?

Not For Long if the public quits them - attending, watching, and purchasing. 

That they should.

Let's test - the pocketbook - to see how committed to their "religion."

Besides, for good football, played with heart and spirit, at more than reasonable ticket and concessions prices, great seats, and an air of competitive electricity, support your local High School.

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