26 July 2017


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 26 July 2017

To the victor belong the spoils. 

Our President spoke to (the) Boy Scouts at their Jamboree the other day. 

They chanted, "We love Trump!"

Once a Cub, Webelos, and Boy Scout, I get it. 

Scouting teaches love of country, leadership and followership, citizenship and an overflowing backpack of individual and team skills to succeed in life. Along with that teaching goes recognizing a leader.

Last evening the good folks of Ohio showed and shouted their love for President Trump.

Some of it I watched. Enough to reconfirm how out of touch Washington, D. C. is with their boss - us - who elected Mr. Trump. 

Our President joked about some day joining America's 'Fab Four' - Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt - on Mount Rushmore. 

That surprised me.


He made light of it and said media would twist his words etc. Of course they will.

But Rushmore?

Not that my sentiments nor vote counts but I think not.


Senator William Learned Marcy ...

"To the victor belong the spoils."

That proverb is a United States original and the good Senator from New York is credited with first use in 1832.

That is, in a war or any contest, the winner gets the booty.

So ...

Mount Rushmore? 

No! A national treasure, leave it alone. 

Provided President Trump, during the next 8 years, unscrews the mega mess on his shoulders - Wins! - then launch an expedition to find just the right mountain high and wide and mighty enough to sculpt his mug, and shoulders.

And provided his success includes draining the swamp (now he uses cesspool and sewer) then change D. C. to D. T. - District of Trump. 

He'll have earned the spoils.

Post Script 

A scout is ... 

"Trustworthy; Loyal; Helpful; Friendly; Courteous; Kind; Obedient; Cheerful; Thrifty; Brave; Clean; and Reverent."

That I can rattle off, on demand, in seconds from longterm memory. Too is a Marine. And any citizen worth their salt (which America needs more of). 


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