24 July 2017


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 24 July 2017

Our major obligation is to not mistake slogans for solutions. Edward R. Murrow

Make America Great Again! 

That clever slogan swept our country and Donald J. Trump into our Oval Office.

But then Candidate Trump's message was not just a slogan but five words fronting an action plan.

An action plan for America.  

And that's why America moved for Mr. Trump. 

President Trump's action plan, though constantly under attack and for no other legitimate reasons than just because, is moving forward. 


America! Country! 

The Democrats, though abetted by media et al., lost the rigged Presidential election. 

They're still losing. 

And can't seem to figure out why. 

They've concluded their problem is messaging. 

Sipping this morning's coffee I read the Democrat's new message. Their official (new) slogan: A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.

Coffee spewed!

Economics 101: The marketplace, not government, drives (needed) skills, (new) jobs, (merited) wages.

Entrepreneurs made and make America great. 

Big, intrusive, meddling, corrupt, and ineffective government is why the Democrats lost. 

Americans, dumb as they can be at times, figured that out. 

The Democrats are (still) clueless. 

"Better" four times?

Complemented with that of the competitive world of business?

My skills are cutting through idiocy. My job in commentary is to do just that; as succinctly as possible. As to wages, everybody thinks they're underpaid. 

Executive summary of the Democrats new slogan ...

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb! 

(Free) advice ...

Lose "Better." Start over.   

In the meantime ...

President Trump - businessman and master of economics and the marketplace - has (country-centered) solutions to accompany his slogan. 

From Mr. Murrow's opening thought, the logical deduction is we have an obligation to get out of his way and ...

'Make America Great Again!'  

To do otherwise is a mistake. 


Dennis OBrien said...

A pundit pointed out that the dem's slogan was just a rip off of the Papa John's slogan: "Better ingredients: better pizza".
These clowns are incapable of figuring anything out on their own.

Jijm Bathurst said...

You are correct Dennis, As a Marine, I admitted openly and freely to anyone who'd lend an ear, "I've never had an original idea, the Corps was so old I'm sure someone before me invented it and I copied it from a mentor." Likewise for the Democrats, the problem is they don't understand the problem, so parroting others ideas doesn't work. Based on you great thought, the only thing I can deduce from their new slogan is somone in the DNC likes Papa John's Pizza.