21 July 2017


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 21 July 2017

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. Aristotle 

Yesterday, out of mere idle curiosity, I watched the parole hearing for O. J. Simpson. 

Sad actually. 

For the enduring image of him seared into long-term memory is a Sports Illustrated closeup clad in uniform - USC's crimson and gold, that is - running the football. That was in 1967/68; a lifetime ago. 

What a graceful powerhouse - a naturally gifted and talented athlete.

But the recurring thought yesterday?

All men may be created equal but they're sure not treated equal.

And Mr. Simpson has not been treated equal since his glory days as a Trojan.  

Into the well-known saga of his life I'll not venture. Suffice to say he's made more poor decisions, and survived, than anyone else that casually comes to mind. 

Has he paid his debt to society?

Should he have been paroled?

Depends on whom you ask. 

Would any not-so-famous person have been treated the same?

The knee-jerk answer is no. 

The reality is there's no possible way to know. 

The Simpson hearing was complemented with more (obsessed) coverage about our President.

President Trump, another man created but not treated equal. 

My Dad used to laugh whenever someone mentioned "too much money."  

How can you have too much money?

And who decides you have too much money?

And Dad had a complementary sentiment the came to mind yesterday - "What's the use of having (a little) power if you don't throw it around once in a while?!"

President Trump has a lot of money.

Too much?

Is having enough money to fund his campaign for President and be beholden to no one too much?

It is to those who claim politics for their livelihood. 

President Trump is, while in office, the most powerful man (or woman) on earth.

His promises and aim is to course correct America.

He has the power. 

But "the swamp" he must first drain is resisting; actively. 

They are trying to destroy him through, arguably, the next most powerful man on the planet Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Fairness and truth is not the (true) objective. 

The quagmire ...

The most powerful man on the planet has the power to fire the next most powerful man on the planet. 

Advisers say don't do it; a poor decision with consequences.


What politics is not littered with consequences?

President Trump, Sir, fire Mr. Mueller. 

Simple as that and if for no other reason than you can - for what good is (a little) power if you don't throw it around once in a while. 

The truth is you'll never be treated equal. Nor fairly. Fake news so proves. And it's only going to get worse. No matter what you do. 

Parole you need not worry about. And pardon (you) the public will. 

Just look at the man, for the first two letters of his monogram, called "Juice."   

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