24 October 2015


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 24 October 2015

"The essence of lying is in deception, not in words." John Ruskin

On the outside chance a typical clueless American (Watters' World on The O'Reilly Factor routinely validates we are overpopulated) stumbled upon a news station, website, or caught site of a print article during the last 48 hours or so they'd conclude Hillary Clinton has been cleansed of any wrong-doing while secretary of state as to the murders of four of our countrymen in Benghazi, Libya, on the night of 11 September 2012. 

Some in media have said, "Now that she can put Benghazi behind her...". 

Well, hold on. 

Hillary Clinton putting Benghazi behind her is not within her power. She does not get a vote. At all. Nor do those prematurely trumpeting victory enjoy a vote (though they believe they do). 

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said in his Thursday morning opening statement, 'Hillary Clinton is but one witness in the investigation and the committee still has some 20 witnesses to query.' 

He assured everyone tuned in the investigation was not about Hillary Clinton but about getting to the truth of what happened so as to prevent a repeat. 

And then there's the final report to submit. 

Next under is a standalone investigation status report any American needs to know. Consider it, if you will, the 'Benghazi Jigsaw Puzzle for Dummies.'

Christopher Stevens; Glen Doherty; Sean Smith; Tyrone Woods

The investigation is not complete. 

The puzzle is not complete. 

Full disclosure - fact and truth, so-called transparency - by Hillary Clinton et al., would simplify the unnecessarily but purposely engineered to be complex puzzle.

Deception is her game. And words, too. Ever her way. 

Fact is, whether subpoenaed again or not, Hillary Clinton is still party to the House committee investigation. And she is still under investigation by the FBI. 

Hillary Clinton has not been cleared of anything. Though she is being treated differently than anyone else would be, and have been, under similar circumstances (and for a whole lot less).  

During testimony not only did documents, she prepared, reveal she lied but Hillary said, in reference to safeguarding Ambassador Stevens and his small team, "I did the best I could...".

That was an alarming comment. 

The best she could? 

Some of the colors in the Hillary Clinton puzzle piece...

1. As secretary of state she did nothing, preemptively, to minimize risk of compromised security and safety for Ambassador Stevens and his cadre.

2. As secretary of state she did nothing, once the attack began, to render aid to Ambassador Stevens and his cadre. 

3. As secretary of state she was party to (if not led the concoction effort) a lie about the attack and murders; as her email to family (citing terrorist attack not a video) confirmed. (Note: That she, Susan Rice, Barack Obama, et al., repeated that lie - about a video - over and over amounts to conspiracy.) 

4. While secretary of state and as presidential candidate she has not been truthful in press conferences, interviews, nor under oath before congress about her role in the Benghazi attack and murders. 

5. Etcetera. 

And that's the best America can get for a candidate for president?

Not only does the Benghazi puzzle still have pieces missing our national brain does, too. And more than a few loose screws. 


Post Script

At the end of her testimony, while being questioned by Chairman Gowdy, Hillary Clinton had a coughing spell that rendered her unable to speak. Within moments she was offered courtesy of a short break, water, etc. She sipped water, popped a lozenge in her mouth, and coughed more before regaining composure. I could not help but draw a parallel, of irony: How quickly others came to her rescue in a moment of (minor) distress while she was before the committee for, among other concerns, abandoning others in (ultimate) distress - who begged for her help prior to the attack and then desperately during. They died. Will she be tried?

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