31 July 2019


By Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. - Will Rogers

America's got talent. 

Boy oh boy does America got talent. 

Some, some better than others, of that talent I watched last evening - on NBC.

Comedians I prefer; whether or not they watch the government and report facts. 

The popular talent search program, concocted by Simon Cowell, last evening ended with a few broken hearts. 

Many a sad face and a 12-years old girl brought to tears as her singing not good enough to continue in the competition. 

At the same time on other networks, opposite real talent, half of the clownidates vying for the Democrat party nomination for President performed. Debated. Or something like that. I didn't bother. 

There's high hopes but no broken hearts - yet. But there's going to be. And tears. 

Morning news noted winners and not winners with zinger soundbites highlighted. Some clever writers who make jokes.  

The Bern(ie) Sanders had one zinger - "I wrote the damn bill," - that is supposedly now a bumper sticker. A clown or two will stick it on their car. There's always one or two. 

But The Bern said something else. Quite silly. Clownish, really. 

With wagging finger, he said, "Every credible poll I have seen has me beating Donald Trump."

Rarely do I burst into laughter at the television. That happened this morning and thankfully not while sipping coffee. 

Credible polls had Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump.

And credible analysts, who watched those credible polls, had Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump.

And credible news outlets had Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump. 

Fake polls. 

Fake analysts. 

Fake news.

Not the incredible rather the blatantly obvious, to any objective observer, happened. 

Tonight the other half of the declared clownidates muster.

More silly speak to come. Some prepared zingers, too.

I'll wait for morning news to cover winners, not winners, and zingers. 

But the Democrat field, and their faithful, with the joke on them, best prepare for reality - the reelection of Donald Trump to make President Ronald Reagan's 1984 (reelection) landslide look like a squeaker.

There's going to be a lot of broken hearts. And flood of tears. 

America's got talent. 

And still just enough common sense. 

Post Script

Speaking of comedians ... Here's a rising star you should get to know. His older brother is a Navy SEAL and (full disclosure) a friend. I have not met the comedian. 


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