27 January 2019


By Andy Weddington
Sunday, 27 January 2019

Like a photo hanging on the wall, it's black and white - faded and torn. Ken 'Duke' Weddington

Eighteen years ago the opening guitar notes of a song sent a chill through me. 

I stopped whatever it was I was doing and just listened; that chill endured.  

How many times I have listened since, no idea. 

Hundreds. Easily.

Again a few minutes ago.

Just like every other time - chills. 

Yesterday was released a complementary YouTube. 

I've watched it more than a few times. 



The song is a masterpiece. 




The chord progression simple. The unusual arrangement ... haunting comes to mind. 

The lyrics a snapshot of life - they define each of us, in some way or another. 

"Time has changed you" - the opening line.

Yes, time changes us. 

The rich lead voice haunts as the picked and stroked strings. Lyrics lived. You feel that. The video, too, haunting, soul for the eyes.  

All those years ago I thought an orchestra should play this score. I believe that more than ever. Ah, but to find the voice more perfect than the original. 

Not often am I moved to chills. 

With the arts, a painting or two hanging in a museum has done that, but not, as you might expect, the famous ones. 

And that chill is not stirred by the painter nor subject but by the design. Line, shape, and color somehow organized that spontaneous the chill. It either happens or it does not. And how that happens still eludes hard science explanation. But it's the elusive goal of artists.  

Another song that has so moved me does not come to mind.  Though a rare few resonate.

The song of which I write is 'Black & White - Faded & Torn.'

When first hearing my thought was it's destined for fame.

That has not happened - yet. 

But YouTube will change that.

I aim to help.  

Little do I ask of those reading this forum. But I am asking, urging, to take a few minutes to watch and listen to this extraordinary song. And please pass it along. And ask the same of those in receipt. 

I hope the tune gets in your head, your blood, and you cannot get it out. 

I hope you get the chills. 

Who is the songwriter, singer, instrumentalist?

An American. 

Patriot. Veteran - Marine and Sailor who flew jets.

Genius.  Such will be clear after experiencing ...

Black & White - Faded and Torn

Post Script: The band: www.highergroundbluegrass.com

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