01 May 2018


By Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 01 May 2018

The world doesn't make sense until you force it to.  Frank Miller

President Trump is winning, at least momentarily, the duel with North Korea's Kim Jong-un (AKA: Rocketman).

Last week the brazen missile-launching dictator walked into South Korea, shook hands with President Moon Jae-in, and signed documents pledging denuclearizing, unity, and peace. 

Smiles by all aplenty. 


That a scene and scenario not even fuzzy in crystal balls, revealed in tarot cards, nor envisioned by the ESP blessed.

President Moon Jae-in (et al.) said this historic moment would not have happened if not for President Trump and he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Ordinarily, that's right. 

But these are not ordinary times. 

These are times when the Nobel Peace Prize has been gifted for doing nothing. 

And so what was once a distinctive honor reserved for extraordinary achievement has lost its luster.

President Trump and tarnish? 

Ahhh, no. That will never do. 

Though a big step forward in Korea, there's much to be done to realize the Kim Jong-un pledge. 

The world is cautiously optimistic.

President Trump, too, but pragmatic. 

It's too early to schedule the end-of-season awards banquet. 

But not too early to be thinking about proper recognition for President Trump should North Korea join the rest of the civilized world. 

What other than a Nobel Prize?

Well, there's good argument a longstanding secret identity has been unmasked.

President Trump is Batman.

So ...

Award a Senate Proclamation. And complement with all the superhero cool trappings - costume; Bat mobile; logo spotlight; etc. Establish a new White House position - a butler named Alfred. 

That esteemed recognition sure seems more in line with our President's public persona - the man boldly taming Gotham City and the world. 

President Trump forced - BAM! POW! BONK! ZZONK! SPLATT! - Kim Jong-un to make sense. 

Batman 1  Rocketman 0

Time will tell if Rocketman is really the Joker. 

Sorry, Adam West.   

1 comment:

Jim said...

If I were President Trump and someone from the Nobel gang of left leaning near-do-wells, reply would be in the form they so richly deserve - a tweet saying no thanks, but you should consider Hillary, Comey, or Lynch. I mean they have accomplished so much by avoiding prosecution and jail. Furthermore, I would not want to be included with the latest list of honorees e.g., Obama and Gore to name only a few of the latest who did nothing. But then I'm not President Trump; shucks.