09 April 2018


By Andy Weddington
Monday, 09 April 2018

Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance. Sun Tzu

Of all God's creatures only man is blessed with innate arrogance.

In essence that arrogance goes to the drive to win when competing and in turn survival.

Whether Charles Darwin specifically addressed arrogance in his Natural Selection writings, I do not know.

Though there's no question early man survived for it. 

That arrogance endures in modern man and comes into play in all sorts of interesting ways.

For example, but man looks at a piece of landscape - a naturally beautiful tangle of trees and bushes and vines and blooms and weeds and maybe a trickle of water - and believes it can be made more beautiful.

That is arrogance. 

Man scrapes and cuts and fills and prunes and sods and plants and exclaims, "Look how beautiful!"

More beautiful than the handiwork of God and Mother Nature?


The truth is the handiwork of man is a scar. 

Eighty-five years ago, in the American south, man turned to on a spit of beautiful land. 

And transformed it into a scar. 

Ever since, and while it continues to "evolve," many a man believes it beautiful.

To some. 

Not to all. 

The debate being natural versus artificial.

Yesterday a confident (arrogance an element thereof) young man completed four days of walking that scar some see as beautiful.

With a bag of sundry sticks he swung - knocking a small white dimpled ball about the scar; into an artificial hole, 72 times, the goal.

He "filled" - with the ball - the 72 holes requiring one less swing than all the arrogant, in the end inferior and humbled, others. 

As reward, for a beautiful albeit sometimes ugly game, the winner's hot pink shirt complemented with an Augusta National Golf Club (traditional) green jacket. 

Masters 2018 Champion!

Patrick Reed - master of a beautiful scar.  

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