27 October 2017


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 27 October 2017

Fairness is what justice really is. Potter Stewart

I was six when JFK (President John Fitzgerald Kennedy) was assassinated. We lived in Altus, Oklahoma. My first grade class at Will Rogers Elementary was released early from school. I remember.

Fifty-four years later our President ordered the release of (most) documents kept secret. Those not amongst most still under review for future release.

Do I care? 


The files I want our President to order released are files with impact on today's America. 

Release the files of BHO (44th President).

Release the files of HRC (schemed to be 45th President).

Release the files of WJC (42nd President).

Release the files on the DNC.

Release the files of anyone, anyone, touching the uranium sale (and anything compromising national security) to Russia. 

Release the files of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and any other monogrammed agency that's been (not only spying on but) lying to our citizenry.

The greatest disappointment and chilling fear now realized is that government agencies once considered our bedrock of integrity, in place to safeguard and preserve our way of life, are now corrupt. 

And, in fact, absent corrupt-free oversight to right wrongs, to carry out justice.

So, knowing voids of any sort are always filled, the logical question follows ...

When will rise "Scarecrow"?

That is, when will rise the vigilante to carry out justice in government when government fails?

Imagine Scarecrow - a battalion (or larger) reinforced - ensuring, through mere presence, integrity.

A good thing?

A frightening thing?

A possible thing if government fails - to scare itself in line. 

For when the poor, angry, and pissed off people at wit's end crow, justice will flow; one way or another.  

Fair enough. 


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Jim said...

Amen Andy. I was a Junior DI (Cpl) at PISC into my second year. Marching my platoon from the butts to the firing line having done their share of butts duty and time to shoot. When arriving at the firing line was informed by my SDI he had been shot. Do I care about these documents? Hell no. Why should anyone except those who want find some shred of evidence that may make our government seem more corrupt? We already know how corrupt they are, all of them, every single solitary one of them. Integrity is a lost virtue among we, so-called Americans. Shameful. Good post my friend, could not agree more!