13 June 2017


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 13 June 2017

If the FBI is now in charge of bad taste, we're all doomed. Jerry Della Femina

The last time I visited New York City my father-in-law was alive. He accompanied my wife and I on a day(light) trip to "the Met" to see real art - paintings and sculpture (that stuff bumped into when stepping back to look at a painting).

It was a fun day! The art overwhelming. Name the master, their work hanging. 

All the people interesting. Some of them entertaining. Some of them downright annoying; pests.  

To be home before dark, there was not time to take in a concert or play. 

That was some 20 years (or more) ago. And despite the great art, I'm in no hurry to go back to New York City. Besides, it just wouldn't be the same without my realist and surly father-in-law "Big Bob" - no artist but he damn sure knew the difference between art and not art (pc for crap).  

During the last few days I've seen (news) reports of some third-rate clown troupe in New York City, claiming to be serious actors and performing under the guise of "art," carrying on a modern 'Julius Caesar' with what can only be called a bad taste skit assassinating our President. 

This outfit, bewilderingly, has corporate sponsorship. But today not as many as before performing this sick "not art" antic. 

Delta Airlines and Bank of America severed ties (but keep an eye on them to ensure that decision endures).

Time Warner, for one and at this writing, is hanging in there. Hmm.

Ah, yes, the taste of dollars is not the same for all.

Will more heads roll? 

Hark ...

Shakespeare was a genius.

The bastardization of his masterful, enduring art in a New York City park is sinful. Criminal even. 

For anything depicting the murder of our President cannot be justified nor tolerated under the defense of "art." 

Find something better to spoof, bozos. 

Maybe call it Shakesbeer in the Dark. Shows after sunset. Hawk money makers Caesar salad and Orange Julius, and, of course, beer.

Silly is better than sick.  

By the way, where in the hell is the FBI?

Mueller? Mueller? (Rhymes with Bueller)

Post Script

Glad you're not having to bear witness to this crap, Big Bob. Rest In Peace. 

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