24 May 2017


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 24 May 2017

Winners do what losers don't want to do. Gary Busey

I know some Notre Dame alumni. Every one of them is a winner. Some of them are Marines. 

A few days ago I saw a news clip of Notre Dame graduates, clad in cap and gown, walking out of commencement - while their guest speaker, Vice President Pence, was being introduced and taking the podium. 

They were protesting. Vice President Pence. President Trump. Social injustice. Civil rights. Something. Anything. Who knows what. It matters not the issue(s).

College graduates in tantrum - off to a safe space. 

Today I read a dopey post on Facebook from a Notre Dame faculty member who not only supported the students but stood outside the stadium, among others, and applauded them. 

Those students, and applauding faculty, are not Notre Dame's winners. 

They are losers. 



Because with that rude, childish, act they proved themselves incapable of professionally tolerating others in accomplishing something. A mission, if you will. And even of the simplest of things. 

And that is not how the real world works. Not in business. Not in the military. Not in civic organizations. And certainly not in society at-large. 

Were I an employer, nary a one of the walk-outs, regardless of how bright and talented and honored with academic achievements, would be on the company payroll.

In the fast, competitive "markets" of the real free world there is no time nor place for self-validated losers. They never win because they do not know how to win.

Notre Dame, and for that matter every college and university coast to coast, should add 'Washington's (George) Rules of Civility' to their required reading list before award of degree; with practical application thereof required - up through and to include commencement exercises. Think of the little book as an essential guide to common sense winning. 

Now ...

What about those graduates who sat, even if in silent protest, through our Vice President's remarks?

Those students are Notre Dame's winners. 

Through the act of sitting, if only respectfully, they proved (themselves) educated, capable of good decision-making, and an example to follow. 

Those students did what the losers decided they did not want to do (but should have - demonstrating basic civility, smarts, and teamwork). 

Hire (the) winners! 

And find some Marines amongst them. 

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Jijm Bathurst said...

I was once a fan of that hallowed institution of higher learning, even to the point where I frequently watched there sports team. But, alas, no more, they are now on my every growing list of institutions that have become the "not" schools. But then who am I, but a simple Marine Infantryman,who quit HS school to enlist, but later earned a degree the hard way -- a BA in Economics with a 3.98 GPA. My only question, which I have yet to hear anyone asked or if so, answered. How did the school deliver their diplomas to the losers? I hope behind the wood shed, but I know better.