04 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 04 November 2016

True art selects and paraphrases, but seldom gives a verbatim translation. Thomas Bailey Aldrich

What do artists, painters, do when startled by an idea?

They grab a canvas, squeeze out paint, grab big brushes, and attack!

What do commentators do when startled by an idea?

They sit and write and attack!

What do cryptologists do when the solution to breaking a secret startles?

They sit and crack the code and attack!  

Something more than a little I know about painting and writing. 

A little about cryptology I know. 

About the precision of language I know more.

And more still I know about writing a single document as to send messages to multiple audiences. 

During morning news I watched more than one segment about the election. Each included discussion about what the FBI Director, James Comey, did with his recent announcement of reopening the Clinton investigation.

His critics, about to explode, vehemently declare - how dare he breach "FBI procedures," "protocols," and "timing" so close to Election Day. 

Thinking about this more while driving desert highways this morning it occurred to me what a master of language Mr. James Comey. 

In one wonky, sufficiently-vague-to-cover-all-possibilities letter to Congress, complying with his promise (while under oath before Congress) to update should anything change as to the "closed" Clinton investigation, he sent two clear messages:

1. Obviously, he officially alerted Congress things had changed;

2. Less obvious, but obvious, he alerted the citizenry that Mrs. Clinton, corrupt and already a substantiated criminal, was dirtier than reported. That is, to be blunt, he told us our country is on the verge of being hijacked by a criminal and criminal enterprise with tentacles reaching around the world with some in the top levels of our government. 

That is the truth (as we are learning from more investigative work and Wikileaks).  

As to FBI procedures, protocols, timing and the "inconvenience" factor to the election, there's but one question each voter must pose to themselves ...

Do any of those aforementioned variables preclude interrupting a bank robber or hijacker (of car, plane, or country) in the middle of the heist?

No! (for those struggling to answer).

Mrs. Clinton is smack dab in the middle of a (purposely) self-made mess - that happens to constitute high crime(s).

Mr. Comey, an artist, selected and offered (politically correct) paraphrasing. 

I, too, an artist but don't give a damn about being politically correct,  just gave the verbatim translation. 

Mrs. Clinton must be interrupted in the middle of attempting to hijack our country. She cannot, must not, be elected president. 

Rather, law and order and justice in play - indictment her fate. Prison probable. 

A known meddler, too under suspicion, best not meddle. 

Solve the meddler!

And that ends this not encrypted commentary.  

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