24 October 2016


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 24 October 2016

Bully for you! Theodore Roosevelt Jr. - 26th President of the United States

Late yesterday afternoon arrived the following text from a longtime friend: 

"Deeply concerned that the voting process is corrupted. Ballots. Machines. Etc. I'm concerned Andy. Truly."

So are a lot of people concerned. 

And leading (imagine that) the concerned people is Mr. Trump.

To close the third and final debate last Wednesday night, Mr. Trump, in reply to Mr. Wallace's question about accepting the election results, said he'd wait and see.

The Wallace, et al., reaction of gasping shock and disbelief faux. And wrong. 

And then Mr. Trump was attacked! 

That was the headline moments later. Since. And still it's the (distracting) talk. 

But the wrong man was attacked.

Mr. Trump, boldly, spoke truth. 

The man who should be attacked, for not speaking truth, is President Obama.


As to ...

1. Obamacare: If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

2. IRS targeting of conservative groups: Not a smidgen of corruption.

3. Benghazi attack: A videotape sparked the attack.

4. Mrs. Clinton's non-government server and email: Learned about it at the same time as everyone else - from media.

5. Hostages in Iran: There was no ransom payment. 

Those but a few of President Obama's grander, per facts (and deductions), lies. Flat out lies. Not "misstatements." Lies. Lies to deceive for personal agenda and gain. 

So, with facts as they are and ability to deduce as it is, is there iota of doubt President Obama is not behind the DOJ and FBI corruption making for Mrs. Clinton as his party's nominee for president?

It's not yet 0300. A ringing phone did not awaken me but a 'ringing phone' sure did. Awake for a couple of hours now considering how to 'answer the call,' succinctly, in (this) commentary.

Mr. Trump charges the election is rigged. 

There's nary a reason not to take his charge seriously. It's a high crime - with mind-boggling consequences; beginning with our national integrity and national security extending to global commitments and necessary respect from friends and foes.  

Absolutely turn the spotlight on President Obama. Only someone temporarily ahold of such power can pollute, in myriad ways, an election. 

For starters, fielding the Democrat party nominee.

It is President Obama who should be under attack by Mr. Wallace, et al. 

Mr. Trump has merely pointed out what any rational, objective "man" with a smidgen of common sense sees.

One of those men sent me the text.

Yes, there's many a moving particular. 

No, I 'm not going to elaborately address all particulars - e.g., government corruption and crime; media conspirators (to smear; etc.); polluted voting registration and voting methods; etc., - for those but ways and means of the core people problem. 

Politics and practitioners thereof, especially during elections, are not exempt from truth. Nor law and order and justice. 

Shame on anyone who chastises another (especially a candidate for President) who has the courage to question the sanctity of due process. If it looks and smells wrong it probably is all that and more. 

Each citizen, voter, bears civic duty to protect the integrity of seating representatives. 

Therefore ...   

My Good Mr. Trump,  

Sir, no need to look over your shoulder. Tens of millions of angry, bold Americans are formed right behind you. 

Damn right, wait and see. Damn right.

Stand your ground. Seize the hill. Charge! 

As President Roosevelt, a stalwart, one of America's greatest straight-shooting presidents, was fond of saying, "Bully for you!"


Maj Dennis Copson, USMC (Ret) said...

Col Andy (As Col Jim calls you):

Read your treatise on Trump and some of his foibles, the latest being that the entire election system is corrupt to the core,"rigged" he calls it.

That there will be some election irregularities is a given. Happens every election. "Dead" people vote.

Of course Donald Trump was attacked. Perhaps, as you state, he "boldly, spoke the truth" to some degree--and I contend it was a VERY small degree. The total of all election irregularities is diddly--not the concern of a person running for the office.

But his problem in so doing is not that he made those observations, but how he made them. The one thing that Donald Trump is not is eloquent.

The one thing Mr. Trump has never learned since he began campaigning is to think before he speaks. Too often he makes the damnedest, dumbest, most ridiculous statements I may have ever heard a politician utter--ever! I have arrived at the conclusion that he is not the "sharpest knife in the drawer."

You obviously remain a loyal Trump man--to the end I will assume. Col Jim believes the sun rises and sets on every word you publish--to the point that I worry about him at times.

Let's begin to face facts, Col Andy. Once again, the Republican Party has chosen the wrong man--or even woman--for the job. The election is lost--has been probably for months, and more if Hillary Clinton wasn't so despised even by her own Democrat followers.

Donald Trump had the opportunity to win this election in a landslide had he only listened to his advisers, to Paul Ryan, to others who have cautioned him over and over about his bad habit of speaking when he should be listening, and when he does speak, saying stupid things not at all motivating to voters. In fact, driving them away in droves. Women? Mexicans? Muslims?

In the case of the latter two, he had valid points to make: Unfettered immigration is going to be our downfall. Ten years ago Pat Buchanan sounded the alarm and wrote a book about it, "State of Emergency;The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America." However, when a valid voting block (Hispanics) is rapidly slipping away from Republicans, one does not publicly pronounce; "When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best...They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems. ...They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." Poof--ten million+ voters just abandoned you!

And, allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East into our country without proper vetting is a loaded gun, which will go off. Already has--Boston, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando,....and soon, in a city near you!

Again, it is not necessarily what Trump says, but how he says it. He simply has no public speaking skill at all. I agree on controlling immigration; I agree on stopping the flow of Middle East refugees here for whatever reason. As a lady on the street of Paris the day after the terrorist attack there said, "The immigration of today is the terrorism of tomorrow." I think she was correct--100% so.

Sad to admit defeat at this early a date. However, unless a miracle descends upon us, it's the Chicago Cubs slogan "Wait til Next Year,", except we have to wait at least four years, maybe eight. God forbid what is to happen in the meantime.

Let me end by saying no one, and I mean no one, dislikes Hillary Rodham Clinton any more than I. And no one will be more politically miffed at her inevitable election to the highest office in the land--perhaps the world--due to Donald Trump being an uncontrollable egomaniac, a knot head!

Make no mistake about it, I will vote for Donald Trump, while holding my nose, and hope for a miracle. I could not do otherwise.

And then go to my local Catholic church and pray we don't lose the Senate and/or House.

A Colonel of Truth said...

This election is simple. Every single time, when no other (feasible) choice, I will side with the person who sometimes says stupid troubling things over the person who has done deviously troubling, criminal things. Period. All else, not even interesting, moot.