27 September 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate. Hubert H. Humphrey 

Did you notice how measured and unsteady Mrs. Clinton's gait from vehicle to debate hall?  

Did you wonder what medications (e.g., cough suppressant, etc.) Mrs. Clinton had been given to get her through the 90 minutes?

Did you notice Mrs. Clinton did not wear any sort of broach or pin (e.g., flag)?

Did you notice the solid color Mrs. Clinton wore is what most people refer to as 'true red'? How ironic. With true red in Nature, and our culture, being a signal of alert and warning and danger and to be avoided or immediate action required.

Did you notice Mrs. Clinton had the gall to use the words "facts" and "truth"?

Did you notice Mr. Trump's normal and confident gait?

Did you notice Mr. Trump wore a flag lapel pin?

Did you notice Mr. Trump remained true to past debate performances though more controlled and polished?

Did you notice nothing new was discussed, dissented, and debated?

Did you notice Mr. Trump did not destroy Mrs. Clinton on Benghazi and her FBI investigated and substantiated compromise of national security?

Did you notice Mr. Holt, the moderator, avoided the most contentious issues (e.g., Benghazi; private email server; Clinton Foundation pay-to-play; health; etc.) plaguing Mrs. Clinton but harped on tax returns nagging Mr. Trump?

Did you wonder why our country's best were not at the podiums?

A handful of online polls indicates Mr. Trump won. 

Respective staffs, families, pundits, hacks, and supporters align with their candidate as winner. Surprise.

Two more presidential debates to hammer out freedom.  

The bottom line remains and will not change ...

Mrs. Clinton is a FBI investigated and substantiated (yet-to-be charged) felon and liar. That is fact. Anyone else having done a smidgen of what she did, while Secretary of State, would have long ago been charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. That, too, is fact. 

Most importantly, Mr. Trump emphatically spoke about restoring law and order. 

The first necessary step to restoring law and order is keeping Mrs. Clinton out of the White House. Then pursuing her involuntary assignment to the Big House. 

President Trump best make that a first order of business. Then start rounding up the abettors. That is, in the eyes of the average law-abiding person, fairness and justice. 

Leadership by example.

In closing ... 

Eight years of leadership by word have proved disastrous. 

Mr. Trump sums that up, "All talk, no action." 


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Robert Barrow said...

Endurance. Why yes Hillary you testified for 11 hours. That's just two hours less than the fight in Benghazi.