20 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 20 August 2016

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. John C. Maxwell

Show up.

It's the foremost requirement of leadership. 

Presence matters. 


Because, if you don't show up it's impossible to set an example.

Donald Trump showed up in Louisiana.

He showed up - to: show concern; walk the terrain; lend a hand; listen; console; comfort; and, most importantly, encourage.

That is what leaders do. They show up. They exude strength. The adage, 'Actions speak louder than words,' pertains. They lead. 

What Mr. Trump did was exemplary.

Mr. Trump's primary opponent for our presidency has not shown up. 

Who knows why? Who cares! 

President Obama has not shown up. 

We know why. He's vacationing, far away from disaster, and not to be bothered by a national catastrophe he cannot exploit for personal nor political gain. So really, who cares!

The lame excuse from both for not showing up is to preclude being a distraction. 


Those two characters have set an example - saying more in their (lack of) action than any words could parlay. Why anyone would follow them, even out of idle curiosity, is bewildering. 

Leadership is never a distraction.

As Mr. Maxwell opined, leaders know, go, and show the way.

Mr. Trump followed that recipe to the full measure. 

I learned a bit leading Marines. What I learned is, no matter what, you damn well better show up and you damn well better be in front. And that's what I look for in anyone aspiring to lead; anything.  

Ask any Marine!

Post Script

The author is a Marine infantryman.  

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Denno said...

Ironically, obama's mouthpieces are claiming (from Martha's Vineyard, no less) that barry hussein didn't want to interfere with "1st responders" by distracting them with a presidential visit to Louisiana during their crisis. We all remember the howling and braying from the media and dem politicians when JW Bush flew over the destruction after Katrina but didn't land for precisely that same reason. The local and state government officials (democrats all) were totally unprepared and totally useless when this event occurred even with SIX days notice of what was coming but "it was Bush's fault". Forward now to obama who didn't care enough to break away from his golfing and vacation to even bother with a "flyover". Predictably, he won't be criticized nor called to account for his non-feasance and indifference to the people of Louisiana. Hopefully these attitudes will be changed soon after the country gets it long awaited "national enema" in D.C. on 8 November.