09 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
09 August 2016

Truth-telling, I have found, is the key to responsible citizenship. The thousands of criminals I have seen in 40 years of law enforcement have had one thing in common: Every single one was a liar. J. Edgar Hoover

This morning I went to the FBI's Internet homepage and scanned the Most Wanted. 

One is missing. 

There was a day in America that master criminals topped the FBI's Most Wanted - Top Ten - and pursuit of those dangerous folk to society was relentless. 

No more. These days such criminals hide in the open. 

One is running for President. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton - the name and mug shot missing from the list. 

Despite the distractions the Clinton campaign is airing, let's be clear - she is a criminal and a master at crime is not an exaggeration.

Her distant history is another conversation.

Her recent crimes is what angers me to the core.

In short ...

She voluntarily accepted appointment as Secretary of State.

She voluntarily raised her right hand and took an oath vowing allegiance to country and swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. 

She voluntarily signed documents acknowledging understanding of requirements for carrying out the duties, including communications, of her office.

And then began her crime spree.

She proceeded, deliberately, to break rules and laws for communications and public record-keeping for the purpose of secreting her activities. 

She compromised national security secrets. The highest of classified material proffered to friend and foe and anyone with no need to know. God knows to what extent but logic says further and wider and deeper than the public knows.  

Citizens, true patriots, on duty to our country serving abroad, under her area of responsibility, were killed by terrorists. She was party to abandoning them in battle. 

She then lied about the circumstances of those murders.

She had a hand in arresting and imprisoning an innocent man - to cover her crimes.

She, when caught, proceeded to destroy public records.

She lied to the citizenry.

She, under oath, lied to Congress.

She is still lying. 

And there's millions of (dirty) dollars involved in all she's done and continues to do. 

As to the FBI ...

They investigated, substantiated, and proved Hillary Rodham Clinton committed the crimes she, to this day, continues to deny with careful words but lies nonetheless only the stupid will buy. 

And their investigative work proved she lied.

She lied and lies about lying. 

Master criminals get caught. 

She's been caught. 

Again pull the logic string for conclusions about the extent of the crimes, lies, deaths, and lasting damage to America's national security. 

And know it's worse. 

FBI indictment or not, her mug shot on posters for our Presidency?

Pardon (me)?

No FBI tip lines necessary to find her. 

She hides in plain sight.  

To support her is to abet. To abet a liar is lying. And that is not responsible citizenship. 

Arrest her.

Lock. Her. Up!

And put her Mug Shot where it belongs.

So goes truth from a responsible citizen, as defined by Mr. Hoover.  

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