03 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 03 August 2016

Thinking fragments reality - it cuts it up into conceptional bits and pieces. Eckhart Tolle 

Cable TV smooth jazz soothes the soul.  

Peaceful. Calming. Time to think.

A simpleton, I keep things simple. 

For this morning, facts and smooth jazz spurned simple thoughts on current politics.

1. Hillary Clinton is a government (FBI) investigated and certified liar, cheat, and thief. She committed serious crimes - against her country. A criminal not (yet) indicted. 

The Department of Justice should be renamed The Department of Crime. With that, whatever they do as to enforcement or not fits.  

2. Donald Trump is a whopper teller, sometimes. That is not a crime. There are no, that I know of, past nor present FBI investigations into Mr. Trump. 

This fact I pointed out to a couple of dim bulbs yesterday who either could not or would not accept their narrative of Mr. Trump being on the same liar plane as Mrs. Clinton as false. My second and final comment to both was a sincere "Bless your heart." Another party chimed in, "You have such a way with public condescension," and offered a virtual back pat. 

Compliment accepted. Yes, I do. And picked it up from reading about the master of public barbs Sir Winston Churchill. Only the best of company I keep. 

3. Integrity. It is the first and foremost leadership trait acknowledged, practiced, and respected by U. S. Marines. It's this simple: Marines do not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate those who do. 

Without integrity, the other 13 traits are moot. And so are the 11 leadership principles. 

General John Allen, USMC (Ret), who recently went public endorsing Hillary Clinton, is still in the news. For whatever reason, oath to Constitution and country tabled. Integrity lost. Nary a Marine, known to me, stands with General Allen. Some now refuse to acknowledge him by rank. It's gotten vile. 

4. A recent email from a Marine friend cited a quote, by a well-known economist and scholar, about distrust and disgust - in reference to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. 

That friend, not a Clinton nor Trump fan, left me wondering as to intent of application of the terms. 

In my mind, a disgusting person can still be trustworthy while a distrustful person is disgusting on that (failed) trait alone. 

In that light, Mrs. Clinton is distrustful and by default disgusting - that based on the FBI investigation. 

Mr. Trump has no such official government documentation from which to draw a parallel conclusion. Though his opponents will cite articles, op-eds, and his own words (some of which may be whoppers) to make their distrust/disgust case. And that's their right. 

Those are the bits and pieces, of reality, that came about from yesterday's radio time and thinking. 

In closing ...

American politics - a putrid mix of lies, whoppers, absence of integrity, distrust, and disgust. And more. Whilst the players claim and call for truth, integrity, and honor. 

Somewhere in there is an occasional pony.

But can the citizenry find them?  

On that high note, back to channel 1944 and Smooth Jazz - for peace, calm, and time to think. 

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