13 May 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 13 May 2016

I hate stupid people. They should have to wear signs that just say, "I'm stupid." Bill Engvall

Gab is to speak in a thoughtless manner.

Goop has a couple of definitions. One is rubbish or something stupidly sentimental. Another refers to a boor or stupid person. 

Combine the words and there's relevant commentary for today.

For being constructively busy with enthusiastic pursuit of sundry gentlemanly arts, much television I do not watch. 

But when so engaged it is typically to catch up on news - if that's what you want to call it. Anymore said broadcasts should come with viewer warning: The program you are about to see is for entertainment purposes only. 

Listening to talking heads, "experts," and the so-called "educated" anymore is painful. 


Gab Goop - nonsense expressions and cliques thoughtlessly repeated over and over, by stupid people, and sometimes during the same few minutes of discourse. 

For example...

Alert. Fox News Channel is the worst. Everything, from a broken water pipe to death of a rock star, is a (news) alert. To a Marine alert is just that alert - the enemy is near. So, keep your mouth shut and eyes and ears open until such time comes to sound the alarm (alert). 

Bombshell. Everything is a bombshell. Scandal in a small town? Bombshell. Crime by a politician? Bombshell. Child at school fashions a gun shape from a slice of bread? Bombshell. But everything is not a bombshell. To a Marine a bombshell is heavy artillery or ordnance dropped from aircraft for the purpose of killing bad guys. Period. 

Breaking. Again, broken water pipes to the famous dead, everything is breaking. If really trying to get your attention, alert and breaking are combined. Marines are expert at two things - breaking and killing. Enough said. 

Come together/tolerance. The standard now for 'give peace a chance' and other such gobbledygook. My parents, teachers, leaders, et al. had no tolerance for nonsense. Coming together was for straightening out the problem. And the conversation was one way. Tolerance? It is not in the Marine psyche. 

I think. It's the introductory two words common to all opining. Most do not. They gab. They gab goop. How strange the military branches send general and flag officers to thinking courses. Is it not too late at that point in a career? Why not send the privates, lance corporals, and seamen?  

Let me say this about that. A waste of words. Good grief. Shut up and say it. And that's all a Marine has to say about that.

Reach out. Today's expression of extending an olive branch, I guess. Marines reach out. Marines reach out with small arms, heavy machine guns, grenades, rockets, cannons, and bombs. And if none of the above are available then bayonets and any other weapon of opportunity. Beware the Marine reaching out, he (or she) is trying to harm or kill you. And for good reason.  

Walk that back. Someone makes a bold statement or claim and later decides to temper the thought. Fine. To a Marine walk that back is bringing fire support 'danger close' because the enemy is about to overrun your position. The situation is desperate. It takes damn courage to call heavy artillery and bombs on your position. There's no walking that back. Once it's done, it's done. Maybe you survive. Maybe not. Bottom line: Be bold or stay home!

And the best for last...

At the end of the day. A few days ago an "expert" guest said that phrase three times within 90 seconds. And it was in the morning. At the end of the training day, and they are long days, Marines are tired and want rest. Sometimes a cold beer. And always a warm... well.

Enough. Back to pursuit of the gentlemanly arts. This morning, music and painting.

In closing...

Herman Cain, candidate for president in 2012, said it best, "Stupid people are ruining America."

No argument. Too many hold elected office. 

Maybe we should be more tolerant?

Ah, no!

TGIF! Have a good day. 

Post Script

In my youth, Mom made a wonderfully tasting and filling dish we called 'Chicken Goop.' That is a fond memory, one retold to friends through the years, and primo for commentary some other day. 

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