12 November 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 12 November 2015

"A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows." O. Henry

In this morning's news, with all the upheaval on college campuses - students and some faculty, a question: Should 18-year olds have the right to vote? 

To that add - as to anyone of legal age, what about the privilege of voting? 

Past commentary has addressed the matter of voting. 

In essence, the opinion of this forum...

- 18-year olds (until 21) local community voting privileges only 

- 21-year olds (until 26) local and state voting privileges only

- 26-year olds and older (provided privileges have not been revoked) local, state, and federal voting privileges

The logic - with age comes experience, greater responsibility, and maturity (at least in theory). 


- 18-year olds in the military, active or reserve, local, state, and federal privileges

So this morning, after reading and watching news clips of college students and professors and thinking more about the issue since that commentary of at least several years ago, another exception...

Anyone of age to vote, at any level, must pass a 10-question 'privilege to vote' examination. 

Questions to vary but one sample as follows:

1. Who was president of the United States before George Washington?

2. Why does our flag not have 57 stars?

3. How many stars does our flag have and how many are blue? How many are red? And how many are white?

4. What does the green stripe at the bottom of our flag represent?

5. How many one dollar bills does it take to equal, in value, one one hundred dollar bill?

6. Spell racecar - forwards and again backwards.

7. If a speeding busload of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States crashes on the Hawaii/Mexico border and all on board perished where will the survivors be buried? Which country has oversight responsibility? And which country pays funeral expenses and cost to replace the plane? 

8. How many hours in two and one half days?

9. How many of the letter 'z' are in the word xylophone? 

10. Who won the American Civil War - East or West?

11. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The privilege to vote secured with score of 100%. 

Fair enough. 

God help us. 

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