19 November 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 19 November 2015

"Celebrity gives us delusion of self-importance." Al Goldstein

On occasion I tune in to the Fox News headliner, Mr. Bill O'Reilly - as he forewarns, he reports we decide. His straightforward reporting with common sense analysis, sometimes with edgy anger towards idiocy, is appreciated. And for that I like the guy. 

In a recent program (post attacks in Paris), during his signature opening Talking Points Memo, Mr. O'Reilly opined that President Obama - for absurd public remarks made about the attacks; his past of doing nothing to confront and defeat the enemy; and having no strategy thus making for the current dangerous mess threatening the civilized world including America - is delusional.

We disagree.

President Obama may be a lot of things but he is not delusional.

The president has, time and again for more than seven years, made that, if nothing else, absolutely clear. 

To explain...

For the second or third time I am reading 'FAKE!--Adventures of the Greatest Art Forger of our Time' by Clifford Irving. 

It's the true story of a Hungarian who bamboozled the art world with his masterful ability to fake drawings and paintings - sometimes copying originals and sometimes studying an artist's style to create something "original." 

Reading this time around a revelation - the star character Elmyr (myr rhymes with dear) de Hory (with a handful of aliases), the without peer forger of the 20th Century, is Barack Obama.

Strike the word "Art" from the title and insert Barack Obama throughout the pages and there's, in essence, the story of the 21st Century's without peer forger.

Mr. de Hory was the best - not only for his keen eye and skilled hand but also his salesmanship. 

He faked the big name impressionists and post-impressionists (Renoir; Derain; Matisse; Vlaminck; Dufy; et al.) and sold his drawings and paintings to top galleries, museums, and private collectors about the globe. Everywhere the experts fooled. And the same ones more than once. 

Why and how? They saw what they wanted to see. And money.  

So look, Mr. O'Reilly, for whatever President Obama is he is not delusional. 

Not art but crowds Mr. Obama draws. Then he paints with words - best when from teleprompter - and sells. He's a natural. A rarity. 

Like Mr. de Hory, President Obama is a forger, a gifted forger, who sells junk (the Mona Lisa on velvet). He is a con man extraordinaire.

Like Mr. de Hory's pigeons, Mr. O'Reilly, you have been conned, time and again. 

Why and how? Because you saw what you wanted to see and, too, accepted the con man's word. And money. 

And so the con, whether selling art or not, works again and again because the professional, once conned, does not want to lose their reputation.  

But, sir, alone you are not - keeping company with many in public life and tens of thousands of your American mates and hundreds of thousands of foolish souls about the globe, too. 

The thing about those who fall prey to a con is though not necessarily last to know they have been conned they are without fail last to admit it if ever.

Human emotion gets in the way - pride smothering admission of stupidity.  

So out comes alibis like benefit of the doubt, denial, even playing along with the con for self-preservation, and flimsy excuses - to shield vulnerability and salvage believed intelligence and street smarts; the treasured professional reputation. 

It is the conned whom are delusional. 

And an easy mark are they - again and again and again. 

No sir, President Obama knows exactly what he is doing. 

Think about it. But don't overthink it. 

In closing...

The 'Killing' books - I've read them all; enjoyable, informative, and impossible to put down.  

What 'Killing' story next, Mr. O'Reilly? 

Though hardly a fresh piece of humanity may I be so bold as to suggest unraveling the adventures of the greatest forger of our times - Barack Obama. 

Expose the con.

Tell the truth.

It's killing us to know. 

Post Script

Recommend FAKE! 

Even if not all that interested in art the story is about the con and Mr. Irving is as riveting a teller as the duo Mr. O'Reilly and Mr. Martin Dugard. 

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Unknown said...

As usual, you've hit it out of the park with O'Reilly. Obama is following his plan for the destruction of the country just as he said that he would do. Amazingly, there are STILL more gullible voters than not and lawlessness and fraud barely raise a yawn any more. The fact that crone like clinton is still a favorite to win the next election indicates to me that we may be having our last presidential election for awhile until the locomotive is put back on the track. The morons and deadbeats have apparently surpassed the normal citizen in numbers and it is now showing.