29 May 2014


By Andy Weddington
Thursday, 29 May 2014

"Boldness be my friend." William Shakespeare

The president's speech at the United States Military Academy on Wednesday followed his typical two-pronged approach: Self-adulating and "educational" for his intellectual inferiors (everyone).

His foreign policy is certainly foreign.

It's akin to a kid ripping the cellophane off his new plastic model car, plane, or better still tank, piercing the tube of glue and putting together something, sloppily and disastrously, without the aid of the plan, the map. And then explaining why the product is better than designed. It never is.

Frankly, the cadets, who have busted their ass for four years deserved more congratulatory and inspiring remarks - remarks to send them and their shiny new gold bars forward with a mission in their heart and spring in their step. They deserved remarks from a warrior. 

So too bad the cadets were not spared the president and addressed by one of their own. Or shown U. S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven's recent commencement advice (to his brethren University of Texas graduates). Now there was a few minutes of comments appropriate for young men and women soon to lead young men and women.

But, more directly, about today's headline...

Mister President, you sent in the SEALs to tend to Osama bin Laden; death justice. Still you thump your chest.

Then (you) ignored Americans under attack in Benghazi that resulted in two SEALs and two diplomats dead. Still you evade accountability for your whereabouts and responsibility. And the world challenges us, again and again.  

Mister President, the latest - Mexico is not a good neighbor. Counsel them: Order in the SEALs to rescue combat veteran U. S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi (facts validate innocence). Tell those SEALs to be fast and furious. 

Go get our Marine!

Such boldness will put the world on notice - reminding all that America is still the exceptional (among the exceptional) nation. And most of your foreign (policy) woes evaporate.

Oh, and how fortunate (for you) to have Admiral McRaven as consultant - a graduate of the University of Texas, a battle-tested SEAL, and one well-versed in the adage, 'Don't Mess With Texas!' - Mexico's neighbor.

Consider Shakespeare, Mister President, he really was a rather bright gent, though not a Texan, his legacy sealed.

Post Script

Admiral McRaven speaks...

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