25 May 2012


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 25 May 2012

"Emotions have taught mankind to reason." Luc de Clapiers

No kidding, San Francisco has named a road "Nancy Pelosi Drive." Rumors abound there's no budget for updating city maps--therefore, if you end up on the road you'll just have to continue on to find out where it goes. Ask an Occupier for directions. Conservative citizens, so far three found in the city, are calling for repeal of the naming.

Sign as presented :-(

More fitting presentation :-)

Bumper sticker spied on a SUV a couple of days ago in a local shopping center parking lot:
"My 4th Grader is Smarter than Obama!" :-) or :-0 or :-(

My non-scientific "science project" of randomly polling strangers when out and about the community and traveling here, there, and everywhere continues to indicate President Obama is a one-term wonder. Just under 7 out of 10 say anybody but Mr. Obama. Of the other three about half are over their embarrassment of voting for him in 2008 and vow not to again. Roughly, that's 8.5 to 1.5 favoring Romney--a whipping! And more recent indicators still e.g., Lugar's defeat in Indiana; Deb Fischer, huge underdog in Nebraska, winning the GOP nomination for the Senate; North Carolinians rejecting same sex marriage; and some big-name political consultants now opining the election will be a massacre suggest maybe this dumb corncob's polling is a better indicator of what's really going on in the minds of Americans. :-)

But no matter how dire Mr. Obama's situation, don't expect anything other than sunshine, lollipops, cotton candy, and close election dialogue from the big three networks and most cable "news" outlets to the bitter end. They're in the tank for the president and so goes their polluted polling methodolgy(s) and coverage. Post-trouncing programming should be interesting if not entertaining with big ol elephant tears leaking from the donkey. :-)

As for Mr. Romney's running mate? Condoleezza Rice. She's bright, capable, competent, proven, and qualified to be president should circumstances require such. Imagine that. Pity Mr. Biden in a debate. Now we wait to see if Mr. Romney, and his camp, is smart enough to see the obvious--the ideal ticket. We'll see. :-)

A little more regarding the president...

A couple weeks back an OpEd in a local paper begged for comment. It was a pro Obama piece with  opening that called for civil debate about our differences. It continued with a bit about some of the big issues e. g., healthcare; education; equal rights; tax reform and yet ignored basic economics. The author's command of the issues was weak. That aside, most disturbing throughout the piece was constant reference to satisfying personal interests over what's best for our country--"I" and "me" used with as great of frequency as the man supported. Since the author had the courage to publish name, title, and email address, and implied open for discourse, I sent a polite note outlining why Mr. Obama would not be re-elected--e. g., failed economy and failure to realize his vow of uniting America at the top. A trusted friend, confidant, and advisor read the OpEd and thought my note more than kind. The author's reply--curt and acrid and blaming President Bush--for everything. Hmm--rang familiar--have heard that somewhere before. And, requested I never write in reply again. So much for the call for civility. Good grief. :-0

Don't know about you but I've quit opening emails that come loaded with photos featuring more of the unusal and bizarre folks who supposedly frequent Walmart. Delete. Delete. Delete. How could these folks possibly be? Surely somebody with too much time on their hands is creating these photos with Photoshop? Well, a couple of days ago I made a rare appearance in Walmart to pick up a few generic goods. At least half the folks in the photos were there. Where do these people come from? And why don't you see them anywhere else? :-(  :-)

About a week ago a group of young black men (late teens/early 20s) and maybe a hispanic (no clarification whether "white hispanic") in Tampa, Florida, during the early morning hours, approached a fellow who was walking to get help for his disabled car. They asked him for a dollar. As the gent was handing over the buck, the group assaulted, beat, and robbed him. The incident was caught on a security camera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8y69-8KIgY  :-0  :-(

The white victim, a 24 year old U. S. Army soldier, is assigned to McDill Air Force Base. At last report, police had found a couple of the punks but they were not being cooperative identifing the others. Pardon, but no concern for these thugs--maybe enhanced interrogation techniques would temper their 'tudes.' Still waiting for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the other race opportunists to make an appearance. And where are the public statements from Attorney General Holder and the young soldier's Commander in Chief--President Obama? Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick... :-(

Did you hear the one about a man and his pet zebra and parrot that pulled up outside a bar? No, really, it happened in Dubuque, Iowa. The man was arrested for drunk driving. Go figure. No charges filed against the zebra and parrot. And no confirmation yet if the gent holds office or is planning to run. Sounds qualified. :-)

Tuesday morning I was in the base commissary. Odd, the place was packed. At the end of the  snaking checkout line a mom and her young daughter fell in behind me. The girl smiled and said hello to me. I returned her greeting and asked how old she was--she awkwardly held up four fingers and said she was almost five but wasn't sure about her birthday. With some coaxing from mom she came up with 08 September. I said, "My goodness you have a pretty splatter of freckles across your nose and under your eyes." Girl to her mom, "Mom, what's a splatter?" After mom explained, I bent down and told her not many little girls had such pretty freckles and she'd better take good care of them. Beaming, she said, "I got them from my mom and the sun helped make them." A few minutes later, it was my turn to head to a cashier and the girl gave me a great big smile and waved bye. She probably forgot about our visit 2 minutes later. But, it made my day and I'll remember it for some time. :-)

Bumper sticker spotted passing a pickup truck along the highway heading home from the commissary: "Ask About My Birth Certificate!" :-)

Speaking of girls...

Frequently notes come in from readers asking what I'm painting. To satisfy that crowd, painted a portrait of a young girl last week--one of my "Big Heads"--3 1/2 times life size.

36 x 24 acrylic on canvas

Nicki approves of her portrait


Nicki's father and grandfather--Marines. :-)

Speaking of Marines, another reason I love them--humility...

Aboard our desert Marine base last week Sergeant Clifford M. Wooldridge of Port Angeles, Washington, was presented the Navy Cross. Our land's second highest decoration for combat valor was awarded for his extraordinary courage and skill leading a four-man team against 15 Taliban fighters who'd set an ambush (Helmand Province, Afghanistan, 18 June 2010). In short, then Corporal Wooldridge's aggressive actions (as a vehicle commander with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines), triggered by the heavy enemy fire, resulted in the enemy fleeing or being killed by him and his Marines. Then, investigating voices he heard in a nearby compound, he killed several enemy in close combat including one hand-to-hand.

Sergeant Wooldridge w/ parents Tammy and Guy
USMC photo: Corporal Sarah Dietz

When Sergeant Wooldridge learned he'd be receiving the award, he told his mother he was getting the Navy Cross "for some stuff I did." :-)  \:-|

And finally...

Monday is Memorial Day--though we should every day, it's a day formally established to remember, to honor and salute those who've died in defense of our country; our true American Idols. :-)

Sadly, for the masses, this reverent day's meaning escapes most and is merely the extension of a long weekend commonly associated with end of school beach junkets, amusement park outings, backyard BBQs, and kitchen appliance sales. Lest we forget those elements of the American way of life were, too, paid for in blood and with lives. :-(

American deaths in Afghanistan since 2001--1,980.

At this writing, for this calendar year, we've suffered 161 deaths in Afghanistan--averaging more than one per day. So far during May...

23 May
Second Lieutenant Travis A. Morgado, 25, San Jose, CA

21 May
Specialist Arronn D. Fields, 27, Terre Haute, IN

20 May
Captain Jesse A. Ozbat, 28, Prince George, VA
Second Lieutenant Tobias C. Alexander, 30, Lawton, OK

19 May
Specialist Samuel T. Watts, 20, Wheaton, IL

18 May
Sergeant Michael J. Knapp, 28, Overland Park, KS
Sergeant Jabraun S. Knox, 23, Fort Wayne, IN

13 May
Sergeant Brian L. Walker, 25, Lucerne Valley, CA
Private First Class Richard L. McNulty III, 22, Rolla, MO

12 May
Staff Sergeant Israel P. Nuanes, 38, Las Cruces, NM
Specialist Alex Hernandez III, 21, Round Rock, TX

11 May
Sergeant Wade D. Wilson, USMC, 22, Normangee, TX
First Lieutenant Alejo R. Thompson, 30, Yuma, AZ
Petty Officer Second Class Jorge Luis Velasquez, USN, 35, Houston, TX

07 May
Sergeant Jacob M. Schwallie, 22, Clarksville, TN
Specialist Chase S. Marta, 24, Chico, CA
Private First Class Dustin D. Gross, 19, Jeffersonville, KY

06 May
Staff Sergeant. Thomas K. Fogarty, 30, Alameda, CA
Sergeant John P. Huling, USMC, 25, West Chester, OH

04 May
Master Sergeant Gregory L. Childs, 38, Warren, AR

03 May
Staff Sergeant Zachary H. Hargrove, 32, Wichita, KS

02 May
Second Lieutenant David E. Rylander, 23, Stow, OH
Specialist Junot M. L. Cochilus, 34, Charlotte, NC

01 May
Captain Bruce K. Clark, 43, Spencerport, NY



Post Script

A more complete account of Sergeant Wooldridge's battlefield courage.


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