28 March 2012


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln

*************NATIONAL ALERT*************

In 1948 Dr. Utopia hawked his bottle of ISM--good for what ails you. The huckster, a pencil-moustached sinister-looking overbearing chap clad in yellow Zoot suit and matching wide-brimmed hat barking practiced smooth double-talk, had an enticing slick sales pitch. Freedom-loving Americans, but frustrated suckers ripe for the con, gathered round. Along came John Q. Public--the wise voice of caution. To the huckster's chagrin, Public's prudent suggestion of a taste test proved toxicity and saved the day. The huckster fled for his life...

...escaping only to return sixty years later.

In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama hawked his bottle of ISM--same elixir re-branded: H&C--good for what ails you. With head-to-toe makeover--less moustache and Zoot suit and wide-brimmed hat to temper the sinister look, the huckster, genial and preaching a practiced smooth double-talk, had an enticing slicker sales pitch. It proved irresistible. Freedom-loving Americans, but frustrated suckers ripe for the con, gathered round. And gathered round. And gathered round. Along came John Q. Public--the wise voice of caution. With the huckster laughing, Public's cautionary message was overwhelmed thus ignored. Suckers hastily bought and bought and bought, and gulped and gulped and gulped the unknown H&C.

It's 2012 and the huckster is still in business. But the crowds smaller and sales aren't so good for, after gulping, the aftertaste is foul, without remedy, and, worse, toxic. Buyer's remorse? To the huckster's, who's not laughing, chagrin, John Q. Public, the resilient wise voice, has been steadfastly cautioning--cautioning our freedom(s) are at stake.

Are freedom-loving Americans, but frustrated suckers still ripe for the con, watching and listening--to the huckster or John Q. Public?

Will the huckster flee for his life, again?

Tune in.

Toon in. 

This has been a Public service announcement.

*************END OF NATIONAL ALERT*************

Post Script

Please pass along this National Alert!

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Unknown said...

The hucksters are alive and well; consider this thought. The Nation is caught up (wasting a lot of time and money)in a discussion of providing national health care. Let's consider the reality for a moment. It is not whether the government should provide healthcare or not; the real issue is can the government afford it? The NATIONAL ISSUE is: we do not have the money to pay for what we are spending now and health care; good, bad, or indifferent is something the Nation cannot afford. Let's get focused and get the financial house in order. Stop the slide to third world country status as the largest debtor Nation in the history of the world and then solve these "noble" and "fairness" issues if they in fact need to be solved.