15 October 2010


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 15 October 2010

                               "Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in." Henry David Thoreau

About time
Bad time
Cool time
Down time
Hard time

It's time
Too much time
Too little time
Time out
Over time

Past time
No time
Part time
Full time
Tell time

What time
Got time
Time stood still
Time flies
Time flew

Time drags
From time to time
Peak time
More time
Less time

Little time
Time and time again
Make time
Double time
Waste time

Extend time
Time and a half
My time
Your time
High time

Fun time
Sad time
Happy time
Dead time
Last time

First time
Real time
Take time
Lend time
Time away

Time off
Time to go
Any time
Time after time

Fast time
Slow time
Mark time
Quick time
Break time

Noon time
Quitting time
There's a time
Jail time
Serving time

Donating time
Keeping time
Time keeper
Party time
Time to think

Time to act
Time to work
Time to play
Savor the time
Watch the time

Look at the time
Time's a wasting
Capture time
Howdy Doody time
Crunch time

Show time
Free time
Half time
Road time
Stick time

Knock-off time
Lunch time
Dinner time
Supper time
Snack time

Nap time
Time to get serious
Eastern Standard Time
Central Time
Mountain Time

Pacific Standard Time
Daylights Saving Time
Greenwich Mean Time
Time to come clean
Time for bed

Time to rise
Time is short
Set the time
Move the time
Change the time

Cherish the time
Manage time
Most of the time
All of the time
Some of the time

None of the time
Big time
Suspend time
Adjust the time
Time is money

Hot time
Bed time
Story time
Good time
Great time

Hang time
Air time
Meter time
Quiet time
Beg for time

Bench time
Do time
Quality time
Run time
Floor time

Time table
Time card
Time piece
Time lapse
Time gap

Time travel
Time frame
Game time
Father Time
Time slot

Cook time
Bake time
Tea time
Tee time
Have time

Time hack
Save time
Time check
Hold time
Wake time

Tell time
Post time
Just in time
Out of time
Time share

Share time
Give time
Fine time
Wait time
Time and space

Hammer time
Jolly good time
Time to fly
Miller time
Family time

School time
Study time
Personal time
Square away time
Travel time

Time delay
Prime time
Tank time
Flight time
Time to fight

Rhyme time
Quiz time
Test time
Rest time
Prayer time

Time trial
Start time
Stop time
Time split
Split time

Some time
War time
Peace time
Time saver
Spare time

Face time
Time machine
Time of your life
Pass the time

Time is running out
Time to go

Oh, Thyme

Time's up!

Post Script

A simpler but thoughtful Commentary this week because I spent time fly fishing in a trout stream. Most likely Thoreau would have approved.

1 comment:

dwerner@cci-29palms.com said...

A formidable list, Colonel. Spent some time looking it over and only bit one more bit I could think of: time waits for no one.

Yes, Sir, I'm sure Thoreau would approve.