15 February 2018


By Andy Weddington
Thursday, 15 February 2018

The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity. Robert Anthony

Until this week I'd not heard of Amos Tversky and only vaguely recall seeing the name Daniel Kahneman. 

Thank you Michael Lewis for introducing me to these cerebral giants and their important work understanding human decision making and behavior. 

I closed the back cover of the book last night.

And slept little for what I had read. 

Hours of thought ahead, with application to sundry matters, but one current events topic became crystal clear: With sump pump and fill hose operating simultaneously draining a swamp is impossible.

Perspective from afar, so goes (the) flow at our Department of Justice.

Candidate Trump vowed and President Trump promises to "drain the swamp."

But the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Trump's (with deeper thought, odd) pick, was a longtime operator in the swamp. 

Therefore, why should anyone logically conclude he will function solely as sump pump?

Buford Hayse Pusser was a sump pump - a swamp drainer. 

During the late 60s and early 70s he fought a one-man war against all sorts of criminal activity in his home state of Tennessee. 

Familiar with his story having seen the original 'Walking Tall' in the 70s, only this morning did I learn he had enlisted in the Marine Corps but was sent home from Parris Island (recruit training) with a medical discharge - asthma.

Soon thereafter he pursued law enforcement. 

With vigor.

And no regard for his personal safety and life. 

For his commitment to law and order he paid a heavy price. 

He survived several assassination attempts. 

His wife was killed during one of those attacks.

And Pusser died under questionable circumstances in a single-car accident.

The takeaway ...

Sheriff Pusser was never in the swamp. 

Sheriff Pusser carried out his oath and duties. 

The swamp - he was damn determined to drain it. 

Too bad he suffered asthma, he'd have made a great Marine. 

Though in that light, there are some great Marines - including skilled attorneys - in law enforcement in America. 

The First Law of Swamp Draining, Mr. President: With sump pump and fill hose operating simultaneously draining a swamp is impossible.

Find a "Buford Pusser" and make him your and our Attorney General.

In closing ...

Cowardice and conformity we witness and endure.

Bravery required.

Marines have history. 

Post Script: Pick up a copy of 'The Undoing Project' by Michael Lewis. He authored 'Moneyball,' too. That book will set the stage for the complement (though published years earlier) 'Thinking, Fast & Slow' by, who else but the name vaguely familiar, Daniel Kahneman. And think! 

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