12 October 2017


By Andy Weddington
Thursday, 12 October 2017

Thinking isn't agreeing or disagreeing. That's voting.  Robert Frost

Up long BMNT (Before Morning Nautical Twilight), and with a cup of strong coffee in a patriotic mug of stars and stripes, the first article read this morning was about politics. 

President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis publicly refuted NBC News claims of our President intending to exponentially increase our nuclear arsenal.

They dismissed the reporting as "fake news."

Don't believe President Trump?

Well, then, how about Secretary (AKA: General) Mattis?

Freedom of the press?

Freedom has constraints. 

Otherwise, there'd not be laws.

Nor law enforcement. 

Freedom of the press - to what extent?

So before halfway through that first cup of coffee ...

@realDonald Trump @WhiteHouse - Mr. President, time to relabel "fake news" by U. S. outlets. In fact, truth, reality, "domestic terrorism."

If the concerted, relentless sinister effort by domestic organizations - through false "information" to take down and out our sitting President - is not a threat to national security thus terror then what is it? 

Call it what it is.  

The likelihood of President Trump seeing that tweet is not even a smidgeon greater than if not sent. But it's on record.

After pouring the second cup of coffee ...

The Boy Scouts will welcome girls.

To what end to strengthen the mission of scouting and experience for boys? For girls? 

Will boys be welcomed to Girl Scouts?

This matter proving there is, after all, a freedom enjoyed by man without limits and unconstrained by law: stupidity

Here, too, relabeling of Scouting is in order: Borl and Gibo 

Accuracy? Yes.

Stupid? Yes. 

And, finally, the NFL. 

I've not been a spectator in over 30 years - for realizing it was a waste of (my) time to not be doing what I love to do while watching others do their love. 

However, this (mis)behavior of players kneeling before our colors and anthem has made a few commentaries. 

The players (mostly black), some coaches, the commissioner, et al., have insulted many a fan (with some ending support). 

Their cause poorly, if that, defined. And more poorly articulated. 

But their offensiveness crystal clear.

For the kneelers to understand the sentiment of the offended they need not look any further for analogy than a person "not of color" using the "n" word to label them. 

Simple as that.



And the people are voting - with feet and funds. That's capitalism. 

A dim bulb posted comment on Facebook yesterday that the players have a right to protest. 

Yes they do.

And everyone else has a right to protest, too. And are doing just that - non-violent move toward the exit.

Stay on knee, players, and your gesture, in time, will transition from protest of professional to position of pauper. 

But begging will not recover all the departed. 

Decisions and behaviors enjoy consequences.  

Time for another cup of coffee. Black. And strong. And another tweet or two. 

A closing thought ...

Freedom of language. 

Now there's the oxymoron of all oxymorons. 

For language, any form, is restrictive. 

But we do the best we can; most of the time. 

Usually until someone starts thinking. 

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Tom Hickinbotham said...

Andy, for those who constitute your reading audience, they should be aware that USAA also is a sponsor of the NFL. Despite strident, negative feedback from its membership (aka, veterans), USAA justifies its support as somehow honoring the military.
USAA has a group within the CEO's office that acts as an ombudsman for its members. If you'd like to call them to express your displeasure about their continuing support of the NFL ,the phone number is: 210-498-6071.
I have frankly, but civilly, conveyed my sentiments to USAA, and suggested they should seek out the services of an audiologist, as they are clearly tone deaf on this issue. May be time to look for another insurance provider if they can't get out their own way...