15 August 2017


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 15 August 2017

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. Karl Marx

So on goes the war - on American history.

That is, a war on a war and that war's warfighters.

That latest attack - an unruly mob in Durham, North Carolina, toppled another statue of the Confederacy.

A few months back I wrote Colored America addressing this nonsense. 

That commentary got an unusual amount of attention. 

And since thinking, where does this childishness and foolishness end? 

What statues are next? 

What symbols are next? (Americans are being attacked for and banned from flying our flag - on their property.) 

Not even a half day drive to the northeast (of Durham) is Arlington, Virginia. 

On hallowed ground in Arlington, since 1954 (10 November, to be precise), stands a statue. 

That is, the United States Marine Corps War Memorial.

That statue, modeled after Joe Rosenthal's famous World War II photograph of the flag raising atop Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima, represents all Marines killed in battle since 1775. And warriors of our sister services, too.

It has always been a statue of six Americans - five white guys (Block; Gagnon; Schultz; Sousley; Strank) and a Pima Native American (Hayes).  

All Marines (recently corrected from five Marines and a Sailor - Schultz in, Bradley out).

History is history. 

Time changes context.

Time does not change history.

And context does not change history; however inconvenient the facts. 

Idiocy it is to tangle history, time, and context. 

But that's happening. 

When will idiots attack the Marine Corps War Memorial (fondly known as the Iwo Jima Monument)?

Who knows but inevitable it seems. 

After all, it (in part) represents Civil War dead.

In play, obviously, is idiot logic. 

Though that attack would not be a good idea.

Such would trigger the most violent and quickest ass-kicking in America - since 1775.

Making history of idiots; in context. 

"Marx" not mine but Karl's words. 

Ask a Marine! 

We're all green. 

And, when riled, damn mean. 

Ask our - foreign and domestic - enemies. 


Robert Barrow said...

It must stop. Good men must stop it. The fools that do this have a myopic view of history and certainly know little of the history they are trying to erase. Sad and sick.

Paul Wm McKenna Jr said...

40 years ago today I became a United States Marine. 77 days before I stood on the yellow footprints. Just like every man and woman that wanted to earn that title did. From that day forward the only color I saw was green. It was perfectly acceptable to describe someone as light or dark green Marine. Just as you might say that they had blonde hair. It would offend me greatly if anyone would say anything different. We shared a brotherhood that has no bearing on race, Creed or color. As stated above, "our" monument is six Americans representing the best of us all. If that statue is ever attacked I guess I'd be going to jail. Because as I approach 60 I have narrowed down the things worth fighting for. My family, my guns and "our" Corps. I would be ashamed if I didn't not. I love my brothers on this post. Just the thought of this has as my wife says got my "Irish" up. "Semper Fidelis."