05 January 2017


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 05 January 2017

Some people are jerks, and some people aren't. Kevin Hart

Reading news this morning about Senator Chuck Schumer reminded me of a true story from some years ago. 

A dear friend, working as a flight attendant for a major airline at the time, recounted an upsetting incident with a passenger while she was busy readying the cabin for departure.

Per the law, regulations, and her duties, she instructed a man to cease doing whatever it was he was doing. 

Continuing with her duties, she returned a few minutes later to find the man had ignored her instructions. She, again, asked politely.

Angered, he called her a "stupid bitch" and continued with whatever it was so critical he, now a jerk, could not stop.

How the flight attendant encountered the captain I do not recall but he noticed she was upset and asked the trouble.

She told the captain what happened. 

The captain confronted the passenger and asked if he had in fact so rudely insulted his flight attendant?


The captain cared not to hear more. He did not hesitate. He calmly told the man to gather his belongings that he'd not be flying on his plane and ordered him off.

That was that. 

That was the correct action.

Sunday past on a flight from LaGuardia (New York) to Washington (D.C.), passenger Chuck Schumer called a flight attendant a "bitch" - for asking him, more than once in compliance with law, regulations, and her duties, to terminate his cell phone usage. 

Other passengers heard the insult. 

The article did not mention if the captain was informed.

Schumer was allowed to fly.

He should not have been. 

For disobeying and then insulting a flight crew member, present for the welfare and safety of all passengers/customers, passenger Schumer should have been ordered, by the captain, off the flight.

As a Senator (lawmaker with a hand in enacting the regulations for commercial aviation) he knows better. 

As a Senator, his public conduct (especially complying with law) is expected to be exemplary.

As a passenger on a commercial flight he is just that - passenger. And is expected to comply, fully, as any passenger with flight crew instructions. 

Don't like it? Take the train. Or walk. 

Any other particulars about the incident are moot.

That he later offered apology is, too, moot. 

Not just a jerk, Schumer behaved a schmuck. 

Clearly, the Senator has lost perspective on his role in life - (temporary) public servant. 

Perhaps another line of work - that does not require commercial air travel - is best for him. 

Thank god most people are neither jerks nor schmucks. All of whom likely share a common thought as to what they'd like to have done with Schumer's cell phone. 


Robert Barrow said...

Not one given to violence but...I would have enjoyed discretely throat punching him. Schmuck. Yes.

DennisOB said...

Sen. "chuckie cheese" ( a moniker bestowed on him by a NY radio host, the "rat" insinuation being on the mark) schumer will make dirty harry reid look like an altar boy by the time his "reign" is through. Schumer is the epitome of the career politician who actually thinks he is better than the morons of New York that insist on reelecting him. (He may be right on that one.). The ride will be a rough one but Trump will prevail. The "Real" NY'er is the street smart Trump who has been at odds with the rat for decades and would think nothing of "disrespecting him" at the drop of a hat. This is going to be fun so buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Bob Shannon said...

He did that when the Democrats were initially discussing Obamacare. He couldn't care less about everyone else on the aircraft. I suspect this is his usual MO.

Donald Ward said...

Senator Phil Gramm (R, TX) referred to Schumer as 'Senator Putzhead', a fitting name indeed.

Unknown said...

Being a Canadian, I'm not sure how much impact my comment will have, but, if I were ever to encounter Schumer, I would definitely enjoy punching his smug face in. The man obviously has no intellect or honor. He is a self-important piece of garbage who should be permanently disposed of, along with his idiot cohorts, and everyone knows who they are. Democrats...Bah! Humbug!