18 December 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 18 December 2016

A good conscience is a continual Christmas. Benjamin Franklin

Week past came news that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigators continue to look into President Obama's birth certificate. 

In a lengthy article an interesting case is made for the long-form certificate released by the White House as being fake.

The research thorough. Google and read it. 

Truth, no matter how late, is never irrelevant.

Though not a "birther," if Barack Obama is proven to be other than what he has claimed to be then he must be subjected to due process.

A friend suggests three questions ...

1. As a young man/student, under what passport did you travel to Pakistan?

2. Under what status did you apply to and gain admission to American colleges and universities?

3. Explain your social security number? 

Is there reason to believe anything released by the White House?

Try not to giggle. 

And especially in light of recent current events with media "news" - campaigning for a candidate (for president) - is there any reason whatsoever to believe anything they publish?

Think for yourself. 

The Democrat party, including President Obama, for their hacking lays blame on Russia for Hillary Clinton's defeat.


Again, hold the giggles. 

Too, last week, Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey that with Clinton's loss, "We are feeling what not having hope feels like."

This is the same woman who, at the Democrat convention, said, "When they go low we go high." 

She's back to her 'America's a mean country and void pride' position, I guess. So she departs the White House, after eight years, with no more class than she entered. Silence can be becoming. 

In that light, Mrs. Obama should hear out the tens of millions of Americans, many Democrats, who lost hope during her husband's tenure and voted for Mr. Trump.

So ...

Barack Obama Russian?


Funny! Go ahead and giggle. 

But that would definitively explain the crushing rejection of his presidency (and Hillary's consequential loss). 

And to get to truth, as any credible investigator and researcher knows, even the preposterous must be entertained.

After all, look how many voters found themselves "Russian" to Trump rallies and to polls standing in long lines to vote.

Okay, giggle.

Out and about since the election, have you noticed how many more people are upbeat, smiling, and saying "Merry Christmas!"?

Ah yes, the looks and sounds of hope.

Have you heard President-elect Trump saying "Merry Christmas!"? And saying we're going to start saying it again? 

Friday night past, we attended a Brian Setzer Orchestra 'Christmas Rocks' concert. The Stray Cat himself said "Merry Christmas" more than once to the SRO crowd - who cheered. 

All I know about Mr. Setzer is he's a New Yorker, an American icon on guitar, and a showman extraordinaire. If wishing his concert goers "Merry Christmas!" is a political position, good for him.

Anyway ...

Thirty-two and a wake-up.

Then cleanup begins.

May truth (and justice) be an element thereof - such will make for a good (national) conscience and continual Christmas. 

Yes, indeed, "Merry Christmas!" 

Post Script

Mr. Setzer's swinging orchestra is playing through the end of December along the west coast. Christmas tunes in the rockabilly and big band sounds is fantastic! If at all possible, do not miss! Tickets are about a Franklin, if not sold out. Remaining show dates: https://briansetzer.com

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