16 October 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 16 October 2016

Self-defense targets: SING (Solar plexus; Instep; Nose; Groin) Acronym used by many a karate school

In 23 days we elect our next President. 

No matter what the distraction, the bottom line (for me) comes back to trust. 

Whom is more trustworthy (not perfect but more trustworthy)?

Wikileaks, filling today's void of neutral investigative reporting and through the release of tens of thousands of emails, proves Mrs. Clinton is a liar; a criminal - selling out America for personal gain; violated preservation subpoenas from Congress; and, as Mr. Trump cites, has a heart filled with hate (especially towards sundry segments of our citizenry - e.g., Christians; rednecks; Latinos of the needy sort; deplorables (most not redeemable); et al.).

Now a bit of the backstory for settling on trust ... 

Yesterday, for 700 miles, I rambled and meandered open desert highways.

Traffic sparse. Some cars and trucks had Trump bumper stickers and window decals. I saw one for Clinton - Hillary For Prison 2016. Too, Trump billboards. One billboard with Obama before Mount Rushmore had been defaced - he resembled Alfred E. Neuman (who ran for President - and probably received some votes; from the Mad). 

Talk radio a distraction while thinking. 

I listened to hosts and guests and callers address Mrs. Clinton's myriad of problems and Mr. Trump's women woes.  

With rare exception, Mrs. Clinton belongs in jail. 

Facts. Proof ample. Thank god for hacking (no concern who did it - truth matters more). 

Mr. Trump's women woes (nine, as of this morning, so accusing him of sexual assault decades ago) is but political garbage. 

Allegations. No proof. Alas, woman or man, if being assaulted follow the teaching of karate schools - SING. 

And Mr. Trump denies and cites the Clinton machine as the impetus. Go figure. There is no bottom to how low they'll go.   

No question. 

If the assaults happened as described (which sound ridiculous), most any self-respecting woman would have have kneed him followed by a slap or vice versa. 

Did they?

None so claim. 

So let's jump to need. 

America needs Mr. Trump.

He, with citizenry support, handily dismissed 16 opponents vying for the GOP nomination. 

He, that is - the citizenry, beat them all (White; Black; Hispanic; doctors; lawyers; business people; men; woman) fair and square. 

His Democrat Party opponent, an old haggard white woman, beat an old cranky white man. 

And she beat only him because the fix was in. Count media (and government) smack dab in the middle of the fix. In the end, he was bought. 

Wikileaks, thank you. 

With each dump, proof Mrs. Clinton is a scheming, detestable liar - surrounded by scheming liars as detestable as she. 

There's nothing to add to "analysis and opinion" raging through "news" and social media about Mrs. Clinton. More to come. 

In short, Mrs. Clinton is an amoral, two-faced, conniving traitor (substantiated by the FBI and Wikileaks) who, if she were to get hold of our colors (sitting in the Oval Office), would finish the Obama destruction of America.

It's that simple. 

She belongs in jail. And so do many others. 

That's why America - today a Banana Republic - needs Mr. Trump.  

For starters, to restore law and order. To oversee justice; for all - no exemptions.

In that light, last week I heard Charles Krauthammer remark - in America we don't put presidents in jail, that's what they do in Banana Republics. 

Well guess what Dr. Krauthammer, our IRS, FBI, DOJ, White House; et al., are not just corrupt but immersed in crime. That is a Banana Republic. And we damn sure better put presidents, and all others who so merit, through due process - and if jail is deserved so be it.  

That's opinion that needs no further thought; it wasn't knee-jerk.

Finally ...

This morning, to close out Fox & Friends, a young high school girl sang acapella, with absolute heart and her right hand over, our National Anthem. Her pitch and power sent an involuntary chill through me, and eyes began to sweat. 

The only other tune that can do that is the Marine's Hymn (and a Linda Ronstadt song that reminds me of first meeting my wife).  

I pray nightly these two tunes - America's anthem and her defenders' hymn, today under multi-front relentless attack, endure.

Still, I've got a crush on you. 

Angering and damn tenuous times are these, but ... 

Keep the faith! 

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