13 July 2018


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 13 July 2018

The only medal I am certain I deserved is the Purple Heart. Bob Kerrey

It's an assumption that red hearts - deep sentiments of selflessness and patriotism - drive citizens to voluntarily serve in our armed forces. 

First email this morning was an Immediate Release DoD Casualty Report. More about that momentarily.

I am just home from witnessing a change of command - the U. S. Air Force 55th Operations Group welcomed a new commander; a colonel relinquished Group colors to another colonel. 

The presiding officer, their commanding officer - too a colonel, detailed what the Group does. And told the crowd of hundreds about the extraordinary dedication and leadership of the departing and incoming commanders. 

Those three men on stage, and all those in uniform, and not, who surrounded me - red hearts.

I daydreamed about their piece of the protective umbrella provided to our country, to our citizenry (most of whom have no clue about this Group's mission and awesome world-wide capabilities to wage war). 

Sleep peaceably, folks; rough men aground and aloft are carrying out violence on your behalf (thank you, Mr. George Orwell). 

My next thought was of that casualty email. 

Sergeant First Class Christopher Andrew Celiz, U. S. Army - assigned to 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia) - a proud son of Summerville, South Carolina, was killed in combat in Afghanistan yesterday.

Only after his family was notified was the DoD Report released.  

I have delivered death notification. 

My heart aches for family. 

That soldier, red-hearted Andrew Celiz, earned a Purple Heart.

His Purple Heart will be presented to broken-hearted family.

In contrast, I thought about Representative Stephen Cohen (D, TN - 9th Congressional District) and his opening comment to FBI Agent Peter Strzok during yesterday's hearing. 

Representative Cohen told Agent Strzok he deserved a Purple Heart and if he had the power to do so he would award him one.


To be clear ...

Peter Strzok is a traitor.

Black heart.

He deserves to be hanged or shot. 

And if I were granted the legal power to do so I would. 

Stephen Cohen is in essence an abettor and obstructionist.

Black heart.

He deserves to face charges including violating his oath of office.

And if I were granted the legal power to do so I would. 

I didn't earn a Purple Heart.

Though red my heart; with just enough black to hold no sympathy for traitors, abettors, and obstructionists.

I am sick and tired of this nonsense, but not heartless. 

For the high stakes, time's upon us to drive stakes - through black hearts.

For our umbrella - red hearts; some earn Purple - Thank God. 

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