22 June 2018


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 22 June 2018

When under attack, no country is obligated to collect permission slips from allies to strike back. Charles Krauthammer

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a cerebral giant gifted at cutting analysis, mastery of word, and dry wit, died yesterday. 

Today, media, at least some, mourn still and remember. 

For just under a year now we've not heard Dr. Krauthammer's diagnosis of national and world problems. A loss its been. We plod along, anyway. 

To speculate what he would say about current events would be insulting. I'll not do that - to him, to his colleagues, to any audience. 

But in the spirit of Dr. Krauthammer's direct, honest, and blunt way, a few brief comments about current events. 

First, our southern border. 

It's a national security emergency. 

President Trump, parting from his predecessors, is taking action - enforcing law (now with Executive Order change) - because he knows ignoring, hoping, wishing, and praying is not going to solve the threat.  

But as concerning as that border matter, we have a more serious border problem. 

Within our borders - we have a national security crisis. 

That crisis is a Department of Justice - that is anything but. 

Ranking people, hard-left types (likely more than we know as of today) sworn to duty of impartiality, have been (and it's reasonable to assume are still) working to destroy a presidency.  

That's not tolerable. 

Reality is the hard-left - whether everyday citizen, government worker, media outlet - is at war with America.

To point, a couple days ago our DHS Secretary was assaulted in a Washington, D. C. eatery by a DOJ (presumed hard-left) employee. 

That's not tolerable. 

How did the woman know (surely not chance encounter) where the Secretary would be dining?

Were was the Secretary's security detail?

Why was the woman not arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and assault?

Why has it yet to be reported she's been fired?

Tolerance, Mr. President, is not a Principle of War.

The hard-left is ruthless. 

Countering with ruthlessness annihilating an enemy is not in conflict with civility. 

Sir, through law and enforcement - as permission, destroy the hard-left. 

Press the attack.

And speaking of attacking ...

Space Force - the announcement this week to create; an order from the President to the Secretary of Defense. 

Naysayers aplenty as to why not.

I've already had one such nutty conversation over coffee.  

More bureaucracy.

Not necessary. 

Not affordable. 

And so goes the (shallow) thinking of groupthink (though skepticism is a healthy element of debate).

But must Space Force be yet another separate branch of the armed forces?

Have think tanks considered building warfighting capabilities around domains vice branches of the service?

That is, the three (never to change) domains of contention: below surface; surface; above surface.

Then structure warfighting capabilities accordingly - eliminating present redundancies across branches for reallocating (Space Force) structure and resources. 

Details. Details. Details. 

Of course. 

But not here to banter and resolve. 

Too long already, so to abruptly conclude ...

The dead, most recently Dr. Krauthammer, are not concerned.

For the living, it's war and ugly in America the Beautiful.

Tolerance, stupidly, is killing us.

That, Mr. President, is senseless. 

Plenty of allies you enjoy, Sir - strike back! 

Out of space, forced to stop.  


Jijm Bathurst said...

DOJ IS THE SWAMP! Drain it once and for all; top to bottom. IMHO ("H" for humble and honest), the perfect person for that top job is soon to be retiring the honorable man from SC, Trey Gowdy; a man who takes no prisoners, attacks those who rightly deserve to be attacked, bar none. Give him the job with one mission, put the blindfold back on the lady.

Steven Morgan said...

It IS indeed looking like war Andy and I hate that it's come to this, but inevitable perhaps. The impasse has been reached.There are lines that cannot be crossed without surrendering core values and the left has pushed and pushed and pushed until we reach that line. Sad.