15 January 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 15 January 2016

When angry count to ten before you speak. When very angry, count to one hundred. Thomas Jefferson

Dr. Charles Krauthammer (schooled, trained, and once a practicing psychiatrist) is correct, Barack Obama is delusional. His address to America Tuesday evening proof. I listened to the entire speech - an hour or so. No more could I have endured. Temptation was to turn off after five minutes but a fair review required the sickening duration. Four words only necessary to summarize: S(illy) O(bama) T(alked) U(ntruths). (Note: A four-letter and a five-letter word came to mind but neither fit the acronym SOTU.) 

Delusional people are liars. It matters not if President of the United States. 

Last night ten GOP candidates who want the job of president debated. To my knowledge, Dr. Krauthammer has yet to "diagnose" any of them delusional. Some seem so, to me (not a psychiatrist but I have a degree in behavioral psychology and led Marines for nearly 27 years [is there better field experience?]). 

I watched the preliminary with Mrs. Fiorina, Mr. Huckabee, and Mr. Santorum. 


I watched the first hour of the prime time with Mr. Bush, Dr. Carson, Governor Christie, Senator Cruz, Governor Kasich, Senator Rubio, and Mr. Trump. No more could I endure. 

Not as interesting. Silly came to mind. But not silly in the same sense as the SOTU. 

I retired for the evening. 

This morning's over coffee sentiments...

Angry America has positioned Mr. Trump well above the field. And still the political junkies do not get it. 

But angry people do not make good decisions.

Recently I read an article where the author had done the math and figured out that by comparing yesteryear's United States population with today's there should be something like 47 Thomas Jefferson likes amongst us (47 is probably high but whatever the number it caught my attention). 

Statistically speaking, no argument with the math. 

But with so many other variables to consider is it a reasonable hypothesis? 

There was no Thomas Jefferson like in the prime time debate. 

Too am I angry, though tempering, about the sorry state of affairs in America. 

With Dr. Krauthammer I agree. President Obama is delusional. President or not, he's a liar. So we have a president. But desperately we need a leader. 

Amongst the ten GOP candidates still pursuing the Oval Office, who seems, to me, the most Thomas Jefferson like? 

Mr. Santorum. 

No man (nor woman) is perfect but he'd be a good president. 

Alas, he's being overlooked for all the anger and noise.

Thomas Jefferson prayed. 

Pray, too, that quiet then sensibility comes soon - long before Election Day. 

And Thomas Jefferson counted. 

Since we're very angry, before we speak with a vote shall we count to one hundred?      


Anonymous said...

Andy, One of your better pieces. I concur on the need to count to 100. That said, I would still be angry, but not moved to wrath.

Semper fi!

Steve Morgan said...

The Rinos literally stole the election from Santorum last time around by "misreporting" his victory in Iowa. He lost momentum that he could never recover had he been declared the rightful victor then. These establishment Repubs are killing the Party. I like Santorum and Cruz a lot. Carson and Fiorina as well. I had exactly the same experience watching the debate- first hour then to bed. You are stronger than I regarding the SOTU- I could not watch. I could barely stomach the outtakes and commentary the next day.