03 December 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 03 December 2015

"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." Ronald Reagan 

That is, it's not your fault President Bush.

Culpability for the lack of safety and security in America and about the globe rests squarely upon the shoulders of 1) President Obama; and 2) Congress for not removing President Obama from office.

The basis for removal matters not whether inept or intent. It is outcome(s) only that matter. 

Truth spoken in this forum. 

The link at the end is another Marine speaking truth - a couple of days ago before the House Armed Services Committee. It's long but fast forward to the 50 minutes mark and listen to General Joe Dunford, USMC, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, answer questions from Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA 4th District). 

President Obama has repeatedly told (remember, he's under oath) us and the world ISIS is contained and not a threat to the United States. (Note: Just as he repeatedly told us and the world a video was cause for the attack and murders in Benghazi, Libya.)

General Dunford, under oath, said otherwise. School circle, at ease, and pay close attention generals and admirals - bear witness to what leadership looks like. So, "Fall in!" Or resign. 

Considering events about the world - recently and for the past 7+ years - and yesterday in Southern California, whom speaks truth?

Our enemy known.


In closing...

Disgusted with all the political tiptoeing and pussyfooting, two thoughts...

1. For government's failure of first duty to protect us, there's urgent need to arm ourselves. 

2. Government actions: 1) Build walls (all sorts); 2) Export; 3) Kill enemies no matter quarter; and 4) Serve notice America is back in business. 

Want more truth? 

Ask a Marine!

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