31 July 2015


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 31 July 2015

"A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation." James Freeman Clarke

With Jim Gilmore entering the 2016 presidential race there are 17 Republicans (some in name only) vying to be 45. 

Fourteen are professional politicians and Gilmore is one of them.

No! to Bush; Christie; Cruz; Gilmore; Graham; Huckabee; Jindal; Kasich; Pataki; Paul; Perry; Rubio; Santorum; Walker. 

With them there is little diversity and one big commonality.

And then there are three.


Carson; Fiorina; Trump. 

That is diversity!

Next week Fox News is hosting the first debate for the GOP candidates. Their model is to put the Top 10 (poll popularity) in the first tier debate and the others second in a separate debate.

That is the business as usual approach. 

That is the wrong approach. 

Better would be the first debate session dedicated to the three that are different - Carson; Fiorina; Trump. 

Thereby letting the citizenry meet them and hear from them without the clutter of politics as usual.

Then have the followup session with the remaining 14.

Considerable time I've spent listening to and reading about Dr. Ben Carson; Mrs. Carly Fiorina; and Mr. Donald Trump. 

Each is a serious, accomplished, and successful American. 

Dr. Carson, a neurosurgeon. Smarts and skills and perseverance required. 

Mrs. Fiorina, a businesswoman - CEO of a world-wide company who got there the old-fashioned way (starting as a secretary in a small business). Smarts and skills and perseverance required. 

Mr. Donald Trump, a businessman who has amassed a personal worth of billions and billions. Smarts and skills and perseverance required.

And they are unique in personality. 

The doctor calm and personable. And articulate.

The businesswoman serious and personable. And convincing.

The businessman colorful and personable. And plainspoken.

But despite their differing personalities and life experiences and accomplishments they share the one objective our next president must doggedly pursue - restore America's greatness. Each, in their own way, speaks plainly and directly with determination and commitment about their positions and ideas for realizing that goal. Confidence they exude. 

I have visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - spending the better part of a day. A week would be better, with regular visits, to digest the life and achievements of this man, this president. President Reagan led. 

Yesterday I watched, without distraction whatsoever, a video of remarks and answers to questions Carly Fiorina delivered to a full house at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

To see and hear what a President of the United States should and must be, watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiFegTYmyK0

As like videos of Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump come my way I will provide them.

In closing, refer back to the opening quote by Clarke. With the 14 we have politicians. With Carson; Fiorina; and Trump we have statesmen. 

So let not any media influence to the contrary. 

Finally, tying back into yesterday's commentary, each clearly is of the tripod I believe necessary in everyone - and especially in anyone entrusted to lead: Courage. Dependability. Integrity.

America needs a statesman! 

Post Script

Do not take the Fox News debate seriously. It is not a serious format. But do take seriously what each candidate - especially Carson, Fiorina, and Trump - has to say. For electing the next president is serious business. Damn serious business. 

A Marine's Tripod

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