18 July 2015


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 18 July 2015

"We're surrounded. That simplifies the problem." LtGen Lewis B. Puller, USMC

As reported in a Marine Corps Times online article late this afternoon, the commanding general of Marine Corps Recruiting Command, in response to the (Muslim) enemy terrorist attack upon and murder of the four Marines (a Sailor died, too) in Chattanooga, TN, has ordered Marines to not wear their uniforms on duty.

The article cited that decision was supported by the Secretary of Defense - with more force protection recommendations due to the Secretary within a week. There was no mention of the Commandant of the Marine Corps. 

Framing the situation simply...

Our enemy is carrying out their promise to kill U. S. military personnel (and families, too) on our homeland - an imminent known threat that leadership has had time to prepare our personnel to face (with rigorous force protection protocols and postures).

Force protection failed.


So rather than aggressively moving to correct through proactive force protection (and hunt the enemy) the response is to order United States Marines, on their home soil, to doff their uniform - to not wear their eagle, globe, and anchor - that which was earned at great personal sacrifice, hardship, sweat, and blood? And for which many a Marine, since 10 November 1775, has given limb and life?


Speechless! As I sit here writing while wearing a polo shirt with our emblem stitched in the vicinity of the left breast. 

It does not matter if the general's order (to not wear a uniform) is for an hour or a week or a month. It is the sick appearance of kneeling, of cowering, before the enemy. Symbolically, it's powerful. 

How is this not cowardice? 

How is this not waving the white flag of surrender?

How does this not embolden an already determined and committed enemy? And strengthen the enemy's recruiting efforts? 

How does this not damage the spirit and pride and confidence of Marines?

How does this not negatively impact citizens thinking about becoming Marines? 

How does this not deeply tarnish our emblem?

How does this not shake at-large public confidence in the Marine Corps?

How does this not encourage other enemies?

And those are only the first questions that angrily come to mind. 

Our Corps Battle Colors, with all its dozens of impressive decorated streamers representing unequalled battlefield prowess, may as well be cased. 

A closing thought from the previously cited old Marine warrior, Lieutenant General Lewis B. Puller, USMC, came to mind...

"Our country won't go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won't be any America because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race."

Guess what?

He's here. 

And apparently we're scared. 

Stand by, women. 

Post Script

Marines weep. Dead Marines are rolling over in their graves. 

Author's Endnote

Four Marines Dead 


Anonymous said...

This is disgusting beyond belief.

Another high level 0gabe appointee.

Cowardace in the face of the enemy.

"Shall Not Be Infringed" is infringed practically everywhere. All for The.Right.Reasons. Sure has helped with "gun violence" hasn't it.

Basic right of any life form is self defence, perhaps that is why our founding fathers gave us the second ammendment...

I um utterly applaled with the actions of our government and their military syncophants in high places.

All enemies, foreign and domestic....

Frenchy said...

Take off your uniform ?
What a BRILLIANT strategy !
Isn't that what a lot of our Vietnam Veteran Marines were told to do
when the same ilk of "LEADERSHIP" threw in the towel on that fiasco?
You know, to avoid offending our countrymen that greeted us from the safety of their cowardly mobs. Many of them today are cloaked in respectability in high
Gov't Offices. Now they make the cowardly policy that Marines are forced to die by, while they run off and vote themselves a pay raise!
Of course these same type of people that are in the military high command
still have to suck up and compromise their values, (If they have any at all )to
get theirs thru the next promotion.
This is all a part of a plan. We've been going downhill for a long time.
Marine Corps LEADERSHIP...Bullshit !
All our Star Gazers do is mark time till retirement.
In the meantime, they subject their REAL Marines, to the humiliation of being
ordered around by cowards, incompetent assholes, Ivy League no loads, and
down right enemies of our Republic ! AND they get killed and maimed in the
process !

Patton told the world...( Paraphrase )When I catch that Bastard Rommel,
I'm gonna kill him and piss on his body.
I THINK that was the last time we WON a war! A PLAN?

When Marines piss on the enemy, they get humiliated and prosecuted by their

The Commandant retires and goes to a cushey job with lots of perks.

There are two Marine Corps
The Marine Corps the Institution
The Marine Corps the brotherhood
The Marine Corps the Institution WILL
sacrifice its own to preserve itself.
The Marine Corps the brotherhood WILL
sacrifice itself to preserve its own.

( They LIE there as well ! )

I'm 68 years old, and no matter what I'm wearing when I die,
I'll be identified as a Marine!

Well, I guess this rant will ruin my chances to get invited to
any Marine Corps Balls this year!

Probably just as well!

Print it if you want!
I'd trade my front seat in hell to deliver this in person
to the CMC!
Norm "Frenchy" LaFountaine
27 months in grade as a L/CPL....no brig time!

Cpl MacGregor said...

Resign General. Go play golf. You have lost the confidence of Marines.

Col. Moran, USAF ret. said...

As a retired AF colonel, I have one piece of advice for the general. Order them to add one article to their uniform: a sidearm.