17 July 2015


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 17 July 2015

"A Marine on duty has no friends." Marine Corps proverb

Who, what, where, when, and how are known.

Muslim terrorist. 

Particulars about the killer and killing - under investigation by multiple federal and state agencies - are irrelevant in the face of the only necessary question...


Force protection failure.

Those four Marines should not be dead. 

In the Marine Corps force protection mentality and practice begins on Day 1 (for every Marine) - fire watch. And force protection is ingrained in Marines, especially commanding officers and generals, throughout service. (And yet, as examples of force protection failure, hundreds of Marines were bombed and killed in Beirut and a harrier squadron was destroyed and the CO killed in Afghanistan.) 

That anyone, enemy lone (wolf) assailant or squad, could get close enough to kill four Marines on American homeland soil (at their place of duty) - especially in today's known threat environment against our military and their families - is ridiculous. 

Responsibility rests squarely with leadership - civilian and military.

Political correctness?


Dereliction of duty?

All of the above!

The President; Secretary of Defense; Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Commandant of the Marine Corps have some explaining to do. 

In closing, strengthening force protection is but one half the remedy. Now that the enemy has infiltrated our communities coast to coast and is carrying out their killing mission it is time to aggressively hunt them down and kill them - a preventive aspect of force protection. No prisoners. 

Post Script

Hoist the battle flag!

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