17 February 2015


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 17 February 2015

"We have serious enemies and growing threats around the world. Unfortunately, we have an administration whose idea of a rogue state is Arizona." Mitt Romney

Those who make their living following and reporting on politics and news and global happenings have, since ISIS reared its head, been making comparisons to world events back in 1938 - the horror days of conquest-minded evil attacking and slaughtering Jews and Christians. 

And the world watched. And watched. 

Today the conclusion of those informing the rest of us (and why, in light of Brian Williams, and surely others of like conduct, should they enjoy public trust?) is that President Obama either will not or cannot see the threat of radical Islam. 

But that is not a sane conclusion.

Yet again, as innocents (Jews and Christians) are being murdered, taken captive and their heads sawed off for no other reason than their religious beliefs, President Obama, Muslim by birth and self-proclaimed Christian, plays golf.

For three days the President was in one of the golf meccas of the world - Palm Springs, California - practicing his true religion.

Early yesterday morning, on an airport run, I saw Air Force One on the tarmac - presence again causing normal airport grounds traffic patterns for travelers to be inconveniently rerouted. 

Upon first sight the feeling that swept through me was that of seeing an UA (Unauthorized Absence) Marine in town. That is, for the uninformed, a Marine who is supposed to be on duty but consciously decided not to be. 

I wanted to call the MPs (Military Police).

Accepting President Obama is the learned intellectual giant billed, there is but one logical conclusion as to his position on ISIS (and other like enemies). And that position is captured in the position held by his predecessor when identifying the enemy, "You are either with us or against us."

It is that simple.

Again golfing?

President Obama has, with nary a word, told us all we need to know.

Now what?

Watch heads roll for two more years - while President Obama feigns disdain on camera, dismisses enemies and threats, and soon after is off to roll golf balls?


As Mr. Romney accurately foretold, we face serious enemies and growing threats. 

Heads up, America, balls and clubs are necessary. Now. And neither, whatever the variety, preceded by the word golf. 

It's time to tee it up alright. 

And tee off!

And, without warning "fore." 

Post Script

The solution, gentlemanly but directly offered:

Author's Endnote

Go play golf in Arizona, Mr. President. 

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