13 February 2015


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 13 February 2015

"Happy are those who dare courageously to defend what they love." Ovid

Red and yellow are two of the three primary colors; blue the other. They are the core of all color - necessary for color mixing. 

Mock red (drawing lines in disappearing ink) and coward yellow (not enforcing red lines) are not effective colors for making the enemy blue and painting them dead. 

Mr. President, a simple painting problem is before you. 

But two greens and two blues, and the endless variants of blue-greens possible therefrom, are the (only) paints necessary to make for dead enemy. 

And those four lethal paints, with all their split complements, just so happen to be on hand. The colors called: Marine Corps green; Army green; Navy blue; and Air Force blue. 

So, Mr. President, do as encaustic painters do - unleash the artist grade pigments, not student hues, to their full power, and wax the damn enemy. 

Wax their ass. 

With a slight rearrangement of your Vice's remarks from the other day, 'Go wax their ass, buddy, but(t) good!' 

Like the waxers, use a knife and other sharp (deadly) tools. Don't bristle, but still the brush. 

That is the way of the red, white, and blue - the world's primary colors. Ready and fearless to mix it up, when necessary. And now it's necessary. 

Post Script

U. S. Marine security guards on embassy duty in Yemen surrender their weapons? 

Making a selfie video for the Internet the same day learning of the American woman's death (murder) at the hands of the enemy?

Golf moments after a press conference addressing the beheading (murder) of an American man at the hands of the enemy?

Green (and in all it implies) - a secondary color - comes to mind. 

And on it goes...

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