11 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 11 November 2016

Dear President Obama,

Sir, yesterday, as you know, Marines about the globe celebrated 241 years of faithful and dedicated service to country. Whether in a Washington, D. C., headquarters cubby hole or a desert fighting hole afar, Marines celebrated the Corps.     

This morning I watched, on television, your Veterans Day remarks at Arlington National Cemetery. And thought - good but where has that tone been in this president?

Not thirty minutes later, my wife and I departed for our small town's Veterans Day ceremonies. The grandeur of Arlington it lacked but not an iota of the spirit. Bunting and flags aplenty; a Marine color guard; a Marine general spoke - a lump in his throat caused pause; Young Marines meticulously folded our flag to a narrator describing the meaning of each fold; our mayor read a Proclamation honoring a 96 years old World War II (submarine service) Sailor; and the big crowd peppered with veterans attentive. There was more - fire trucks and police cars displays; Marine fighting vehicles and weapons and Marines. Nary a protester nor flag burner.   

Scanning the crowd and noting the ball-capped veterans, I reflected. And Tuesday past came to mind - America voted for a new President. The people spoke - electing Mr. Donald J. Trump to be our 45th President. 

On the campaign trail trumpeting Mrs. Clinton, you opined Mr. Trump is not of the proper temperament and experience for the office. Since the election, your Press Secretary has reiterated your position (not just a campaign tactic) stands. How disappointing. How belittling our Presidency.  

For with those sentiments, intent moot, is implied the citizenry lacks judgment and is inept. That is not only wrong but dumb.

How did Mr. Trump win? It's not complicated: 1) He spoke truth; 2) He walked the ground. The people knew him, and he knew the people. In short, he connected. His opponents, every single one, failed to do both.

Today, Mr. President, your duty is not to judge nor second guess the people. Rather, to embrace and echo the faith, trust, and confidence extended to Mr. Trump. That means you must not disparage President-elect Trump in one breath and call for a smooth, peaceful transition of power in the next. As Mrs. Clinton was your preference, draw from the challenge to her faithful, "go high." It's the right time. 

On point, once elected, did President Bush publicly opine, or his Press Secretary state, you were not qualified for office; a sentiment believed by many then, and maintained by more today? Not that I recall. 

Remember, a President's words, and silence, carry equal power. The anti-Trump protesting is disturbing - not for the protests, per se, but for the desecration and burning or our flag; destruction of private and public property; violence against innocents; and general disruption to society. It's not acceptable and must be stopped. Speak up! For your silence stokes the mobs.

Be a President! Past animus is past. Find today's Arlington Cemetery tone and apply accordingly. President-elect Trump deserves that much. The citizenry who elected him expects that and more. Impress us! - lead during your remaining 70 days in office.  

In closing ...

1) This morning's commentary - And Then The People Spoke - complements this letter: http://acoloneloftruth.blogspot.com/2016/11/and-then-people-spoke.html  

2) Recommend 'The Presidents Club' by Nancy Gibbs. It's an insightful peek into that small club you hold membership. Absolutely there's a lesson or two therein for a transitioning President - to help a new President. 

Country trumps politics. 

May God bless the United States of America.

Good luck to you, Sir.


Andy Weddington
U. S. Marine (Retired)       

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