04 February 2015


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 04 February 2015

"The safety of the people shall be the highest law." Marcus Tullius Cicero

Our enemies do not fear us. 

And they are not coming. 

They are here. 

When comes strikes, and death?

America's national security strategy (and foreign policy) is, to the say the least, bewildering. Explainable it may be but it's not comprehensible, to the sane mind. 

Our president lets go five enemy "generals" in trade for a junior enlisted deserter. Those enemies are moving towards the battlefield. There's no sense of urgency to try the (substantiated) deserter.

When the enemy beheads Americans and friends of America, our president talks.

Our president talks.

With dry erase marker red lines, our president draws.

Our president talks more. 

Our enemies are hearing but listening to - weakness.

Our enemies are watching but seeing - weakness.

Simplicity is the basis for complexity in all things natural. 

The idiocy of man is creating complexity but not necessarily from simplicity. Masters Americans are - whether purposeful, in ignorance, or in defiance moot. The end-state is the same.

America does not need a complicated national security strategy (e.g., able to fight two simultaneous major regional conflicts, etc.)


Mulling over reading from sundry disciplines; studying the world (about me); painting; listening to music; watching movies; and more, it's occurred to me America needs but a one word national security strategy: Snipe

Snipe - as in the act of shooting at an exposed enemy from a concealed position. 

Detail it on one page.

That strategy easily understood by presidents, politicians of any flavor, and military men and women (recruit to flag) alike. And it can absolutely simplify budgets to drive force structure and weapons systems pistol to nuke. 

And, most importantly, it's understood by our enemies. 

Snipe - simply monitor and kill our enemies before they can kill us and our friends. And then, leaving no calling card other than death, quietly extract and move on to the next target. 


Fear can be a beautiful thing. 

And the beauty is simple endures. Naturally. 

Post Script

Well aimed rounds are cost effective.

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