04 August 2013


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 04 August 2013

"Narcissism falls along the axis of what psychologists call personality disorders, one of a group that includes anti-social, dependent, histrionic, avoidant and borderline personalities. But by most measures, narcissism is one of the worst, if only because the narcissists themselves are so clueless." Jeffrey Kluger

True story.

A few days ago Mytch, a friend not heard from nor seen in some time, joined me for lunch.  

While eating and after small talk chat moved to what we've been up to. 

When Mytch finished I mentioned sundry painting projects and writing. 

"Oh, I want to hear about the painting but first what have you been writing?"  

"Mostly commentary on current events. Recently, I wrote and published a couple of public letters - one to the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the other to the President of the United States."

"You did what? No you didn't! You did! When? Why did you write them? Tell me about the one to the President."

So I first explained why not only the urge but a compelling one to write President Obama. And that the letters had been mentally composed and edited dozens of times during the past year or so. Finally, the day came to sit and write them. Neither took long. And, I reminded Mytch these men work for us - we do not work for them. Think of the letters as situation reports and maybe even performance appraisals.

"Our country's a mess, Mytch. President Obama's responsible. Crime and corruption envelop the White House and Oval Office and hang over his head. Fellow citizens, just because they do not agree with Obama's politics, have been targeted by our government. That's wrong!"

Mytch, surprisingly, was clueless - facial expressions betrayed awareness of what was going on.

And then sheepishly came five words I'd not expected - that turned our chat from dialogue to monologue - "I voted for Barack Obama."  

I paused. And after a few awkward moments of silence...

Calmly, "If you please, Mytch, give me one reason why you voted for Barack Obama - I'll settle for one."


Blank stare.

"Hummanah ... hummanah ... hummanah ..."

"Well he's articulate."

"What? What does that have to do with voting for president? When on teleprompter he can read. So what. That's not basis for casting a vote for president. Come on, Mytch, please, you're brighter than that, why did you vote for him?"

"Well, George Bush..."

"Stop! No! Mytch, George Bush is not the president. We're talking about Barack Obama. You know, the guy who's been masquerading and campaigning as president for 4 1/2 years. Why did you vote for him?"

"Well ... hummanah ... hummanah ... I was proud of America for ... hummanah ... electing someone of ... hummanah ... color to the presidency."

"What? You voted for skin color? You hold undergraduate and graduate degrees - do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? Do you have any idea what's going on in our country?"

"Well ... hummanah ... hummanah ... he ... hummanah ... helps people."

"What people, Mytch? Blacks? No he doesn't. The black community is far worse off, especially economically, than when Barack Obama took office. Who are the people he's helped?"

"Hummanah ... hummanah ... hummanah ..." (fidgeting in chair)

"Are you aware, Mytch, that something as elemental and critical to our economy as gasoline is on average $2.00 more a gallon since Mr. Obama took office?"

"What? No it's not. Are you serious? Really?"

"Yes, Mytch, really. I am not making this up. His energy policies are illogical, they are contradictory. And it's worse, look at any and everything he's touched - it's a damn mess."

"Furthermore, his economic policies do make sense - they are destructive. They smother creativity, initiative, entrepreneurship, and growth. He believes himself brilliant. He's not brilliant. He's not even bright, Mytch. Let me give you an example, Obamacare - it's a stupid law and businesses have already figured out workarounds to not provide healthcare. One is moving full-time workers to part-time employment so they don't have to pay what they can't afford to pay. More clever, profit-driven tactics are yet to come from the business community. Barack Obama knows nothing of business. Bluntly, he's not a leader. Media created him. He shouldn't have been elected. For lack of performance, he shouldn't have been reelected. I'll not bother with amok voting fraud."

"Hummanah ... hummanah ... hummanah ..."

"To make matters worse - he, self-proclaimed great uniter, speaks with unfair racial overtones. His public comments - "If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon..." - before George Zimmerman had his day in court - were completely out of line. His words, scripted words, corrupted due process and unnecessarily caused a divide in our country. He deliberately complicated, obstructed, judicial due process. Mytch, come on, he's a lawyer! A Constitutional lawyer! Do you believe that? And after race had already been investigated, by his administration, and determined to not be an issue whatsoever behind the self-defense killing, he made a similar stupid scripted remark after Zimmerman was found not guilty - freed.  That's unacceptable. He's the damn president of the United States. He sets the national tone."

"And, Mytch, last week in prepared public remarks he called Benghazi and the crimes against Americans and the accompanying corruption - the scandals - that appear to be emanating from The White House political posturing and "phony scandals." Are you kidding me? Come on, Mytch. Have you been off the planet the past few year?"

"Four Americans on duty in service to country in a foreign land were murdered last September on the anniversary of 9/11 and while under an extended attack they pleaded for help. He ordered our military to stand down - to not assist? Americans do not desert warriors in battle. And then he became party to, if not concocted, a deliberate lie to cover his incompetence? And stuck to that lie, in public, time and again knowing it was a lie? Mytch, there is a line between crime, in this case four murders, and reckless posturing as political hijinks - he crossed it with both feet. He's in the red. He's broken his Oath of Office. A charge of treason is in order. The House should begin proceedings to impeach."

"Hummanah ... hummanah ... hummanah ... Well, if your comments were coming from anyone else I'd not believe them. But I know you and know you are honest and fair. As you can tell, I'm not current with what's going on and really do not have a good excuse. What you say is surprising, disappointing. I really do need to take time to catch up and commit to staying informed."

"Mytch, you sure do not know what's going on. And yes you do need to do something, and immediately, to familiarize yourself with what's happening in America. It is you and tens of millions like you - commonly known as no or low information voters - who own the making of our country's disastrous state."

"Okay, you are right. For lack of knowing what's going on, I am unable to intelligently contribute to this conversation. I'm really embarrassed. Now, what about the letter to the commandant?"

"You can read the letters online. I suggest, Mytch, starting with the letter to the commandant - it was first. He, too, has made a mess of sorts. And is in a mess - allegations reported in the news are, and he's being investigated for, attempts to thwart judicial due process. Sound familiar? Then read the letter to the President. Please, Mytch, dedicate some time to credible newspapers and periodicals. Do so weekly. To not know what is going on and speaking as if you do is irresponsible, it's shameful. It's unlike you. Barack Obama is a disaster as a president. And that is being kind. He serves the public and is accountable. Remember that."

Mytch is "educated" - as noted, undergraduate and graduate degrees - but so ill-informed it's stunning.

The question I opted not to ask to make the closing point... 

"Mytch, do you select your and your family's doctors, lawyers, et al., based on skin color, or do you prefer to make an informed choice based upon education, training, skills, experience, competence, and proven performance?"

As it turned out our light lunch and chat unexpectedly moved into a diatribe, a necessary one, on President Obama for...

'Friends Don't Let Friends Live Stupid!'

Parting ways in the parking lot - Mytch, "Lunch again, sometime?"

"Sure, Mytch. Look forward to it. Oh, and bring some of your friends."

Turning America around - one "Mytch" at a time.

Never quit!

Post Script

I had Black Forest Ham and Swiss on lightly toasted sourdough - with sliced red onion, tomato, fresh spinach and a thin swipe of mayo. It was delicious.

Mytch choked down grilled chicken, that had turned to tough crow, on a croissant.

We split chips and salsa, and drank water.

I paid. Go figure.

A Public Letter - To The Commandant of the Marine Corps

To THE WHITE HOUSE - For The President

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Training skills
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