02 August 2013


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 02 August 2013

"Genius - to know without having learned; to draw just conclusions from unknown premises; to discern the soul of things." Ambrose Bierce

Despite our country's woes, and big are they, I love the United States of America. For still there comes that involuntary lump in the throat and momentary electric charge upon sight of our spectacular Colors; particularly when on parade protected by the Battle Color of the Marine Corps - a sight to behold!

America's Colors - upon which some throw disrespect; from ignorantly failing to render due courtesy to snickering to shredding to torching - fly determinedly. Dishonoring is their right. That I do not like.

That love of country is why I volunteered my adult life as a Marine. And love of country is why this forum - to speak freely, finally, about matters of national interest, and more.  

Those who know me, well know I am not a political beast; at all. I favor no political party. Country garners allegiance. Country.

How men like Anthony Weiner find politics and how Barack Obama was elected and reelected president is not a mystery. 

A bit of that non-mystery was sent to me yesterday morning - a comment offered them by someone not known to me opining about Wednesday's Weiner commentary.

That comment was sent me by the middleman - whom I also do not know but who regularly reads this forum. Occasionally they'll opine or send along comments received they believe will be of interest to me. Without fail, they are.

Yesterday morning's...

First, from the middleman...
"Read this and weep---and after weeping, respond to the call."

The stranger's comment...
"If the Democrat party had any backbone, they would not let Weiner run as a Democrat. I do not see that happening since weird sexual actions are acceptable to Democrats if the public person is a Democrat. It is only when sexual weirdness is exhibited by a Republican that Democrats are offended. Hypocrisy is offensive, no matter which political party is involved.*

What touched me about this post is not the commentary about Weiner who lives in New York City and is therefore not in my backyard so the moral blackness of the man's heart is not my problem.
What touched me is that this man, a retired colonel in the United States Marine Corps, who, perforce, had to keep his personal opinions to himself while he served this country in the military, is exercising his freedoms now that he is no longer constrained.

Who better to have credible opinions about our country than those who serve in our armed forces? And yet, those who have the greatest stake are kept silent as long as they serve. Now that this colonel is no longer required to keep silent, he is exercising his (and our) greatest freedom, that freedom which is embedded in the first amendment to our Constitution but, more importantly, the freedom which has shaped us as a people.  

From the tone and substance of this post, I conclude that the colonel sees his exercise of his freedom as his duty, oftentimes more burdensome than liberating. He has called us to do the same, not for personal gratification but for the common good.

*To be clear, Republicans are also capable of hypocrisy."

Weep? No. I read a second time, to be clear.

Back to the middleman...

"No need to "respond to the call."" 
I am not a Republican.   
The author should revisit the definition of "assume" contained therein. For that they did. 
That shallow comment was written either by an idiot or someone attempting to be as witty in repartee as me. Comical, either way. 
As noted in commentary - 'Why Letters To The Commandant And The President?' - before Weiner, I never addressed politics while in uniform; no one ever knew my position nor vote. Though they, too, may have "assumed"; wrongly. And though retired, I remain private. And though others are quick to surmise my position and vote from writing, they are fools.

My allegiance is to country - that is my position and how I vote. And ever it will be.

Another one I thank you for sharing. Made my morning. Americans - never cease to amaze me.

PS I like mustard, onions, chili, and slaw (southern style sweet) on my hot dogs."

Now, as for the commentator, I could easily, as many have already drawn suppositions, offer hasty analysis (by means of my behavioral psychology background and decades of experience leading Marines) of them. Ever the gentleman - even when slightly peeved - restraint is in order so we'll just let those suppositions and that hasty analysis simmer, but not as fact. One fool is plenty.

However, as a moral of the story was offered in the Weiner commentary, a moral again offered: Best to have read and understood, to know, the book on which reporting. For as Omar Ibn observed long ago, "...spoken word come not back...". Nor come back the written word. Though both can be amended.  

However, that is their privilege, their right.

I will continue to defend and protect. 

And I will continue to speak truth, including in witty repartee, no matter how distasteful - as truth the principle tenet of this forum.

Ah, yes, to be clear without aid of asterisk...

Though I do not know the name of the genius who drew their conclusion (about me) from unknown premises, I will offer, from the popular cult film "Stripes", a bit of advice... 

"Lighten up, Francis." (So ordered drill sergeant Sergeant Hulka to odd recruit Private Francis "Psycho" Soyer who harbored misplaced hostility.)

As the genius's head, heart, and soul - most every head, heart, and soul for that matter - is in need of professional help, some recommendations gratuitously offered:
1) Find a good therapist;

2) Find inner peace, tend to your heart;

3) Find space in your soul.

One way: The eatery the therapist. Eat a couple of good North Carolina style hot dogs all-the-way; monthly preferred, annually acceptable: 'Zack's' in Burlington; 'Yum Yums' in Greensboro; and 'Wink's' in Salisbury suggested. Wash them down with an ice-cold Cheerwine!

Do know in the South, though packaged and labeled wieners (i before e except after "c" and "w" in weird and "W" in Weiner) or frankfurters or franks, they are called hot dogs.

Yes, noted, hot dogs are not good for the heart but they are oh so good for the "heart" and indeed good for the soul and head, too.

Republicans and Democrats and Independents and others, known and unknown to me, enjoy good hot dogs. Truth.

Anyway, you'll feel better - a certainty, and maybe feel smarter - a delusion.

God Bless America!

Semper Fidelis.

Post Script

Weiner - Quick, Hide The Children

Near the top on the left-hand side of this Commentary's homepage is a couple of lines that describe the forum.

As follows...

Stories / History / Straight talk / Analysis & Opinion / Humor / Satire / Entertainment

As of today, I added to the front end - / Truth and to the back end - / Witty Repartee

That for the benefit of the commentator, and others like-minded.

1 comment:

Keith Smith said...

Col,it always a good thing not to guess ones polotics,,from going back and reading your articles it is was never clear you was anything but a concerned American.As for A Weiner he is a long way from Montana and you are right that both party's are rank with Hypocrisy.But I do believe Character counts.I also enjoy a good hotdog,but I eat mine with mustard,onions and relish.Thank you for sharing your common sense writings including your witty commentary.
Semper Fidelis